Rethabile Mokgatla (born April 11, 2011), best known as Retha RSA, is one of the super talented young dancers from South Africa. With thousands of followers, he is among the most famous kid celebrities.

The gifted dancer is prominent for his unique dance moves. He is also a singer and social media influencer. Retha has collaborated with many singers to drop songs with massive air plays. He has danced to many amapiano beats.

Many publications report that he joined the entertainment industry as a dancer before trying music. His aptitude for singing and dancing comes with ease for the young talent. 

Retha RSA
Retha RSA biography
Rethabile Mokgatla is a 12-year-old multi-talented South African musical artist and dance-artist.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Rethabile Mokgatla
Stage Name:Retha RSA
Born:April 11, 2011 (age 12 years)
Place of Birth:Lesotho
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Singer, dancer
Father:Mr. Ekse
Record Label:Stev’La Productions
Net Worth:US$75,000 – US$150,000

Early Life

Retha RSA was born Rethabile Mokgatla on April 11, 2022, in Lesotho, a landlocked country enclaved by South Africa. His family has been supportive parents since they discovered his love for entertainment.

They provide him with the environment and guide to do music and dance.

At the age when many kids rather play under the moon, Retha is bagging many record deals. Fakaza News named him third on their list of popular South African Kids who are influencers.

Many address him by his stage name Retha RSA. His parents named Rethabile Mokgatla. People started to notice him after his dance videos surfaced on social media.


Retha RSA is a citizen of South Africa born in the neighboring country Lesotho. After spending some years in Lesotho, he moved with his family to Soweto in South Africa.


Rethabile is a serious student. He once shared a picture of himself and his tutor. He told followers that he values his education more than his music and entertainment career.

Although he is in a primary school grade, the young talent has surprised many with his ability to combine education and entertainment.


For Retha, dancing comes without stress. He can dance to a beat without first calculating his moves. His skills rose him to prominence on the local and international scene.

After many years of dancing, Retha RSA thought it best to try music. He dropped his debut album, Tom and Jerry, which ushered him into the music circle.

The album featured artists like Dj Stylagang and received much love from music listeners. He collaborated with other artists like Pencil and Rodger KB to drop the single titled Kom’dantsong.

Retha also did the Uyaba Challenge, which hit hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. He has continued to drop music while collaborating with celebrated artists. He featured Focalistic and Ntokzik on the single Ingane.


  • Ma2k
  • Impilo
  • Kom Dantsong
  • Machine Gun
  • Usizo
  • Soy’zela
  • Laba Ntwana

Social Media

Retha RSA is on Instagram with a huge following. He shares dance videos, paid partnerships, pictures, and other remarkable moments on the account managed by his family.

Personal Life

Retha was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ekse, who has been his greatest supporter. He shares pictures of them. His father and mother disciplined him to be who he is today.

Rethabile does not have a girlfriend and is not in any romantic relationship. He is a young boy who wants to focus more on his education and work. Though he has female friends, they are not romantically linked.

Phone Number

Retha RSA has not disclosed his contact numbers at the moment. However, the youngster left an alternative contact email address,

Though the email is strictly for bookings, you can contact him for other business partnerships.

Net Worth

Rethabile Mokgatla is among the fast-rising South African artist. With many hit songs to his name, he is making a fortune in the entertainment industry. His net worth is around US$75,000 to US$150,000.

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