Policies and Standards

Editorial Standards

  • To deliver the highest editorial standards and to improve the standard of our content. 
  • To operate in the interest of the public by covering relevant biographies.
  • Our primary objective is to write contents that are accurate at all times.
  • We publish gathered facts that are verified and well-analyzed.
  • THE SAGA is independent and writes articles without external influence or bias.
  • We inform, entertain, and educate users of our site. 

Hate speech

  • Our content isn’t to incite hatred or discriminate against people. We respect everyone’s indigenous race, origin, disability, and others.
  • No one should use our content as the basis to harass, intimidate or bully anyone.


  • Our content doesn’t threaten or encourage personal harm. 
  • We will never post content that contains adult text or images, graphic images, and other explicit content.
  • Our content will never promote sexual acts to gain compensation.
  • We do not encourage women and child abuse and won’t publish such content.
  • Contents with malicious software will not get published on thesaga.co.za.
  • We will always kick against illegal activities through our posts. We will not publish contents that infringe on the legal rights of others. 


  • Our content must not infringe on the rights of others – copyright, trademark, privacy, or publicity.
  • We respect the privacy of others and their personal information.
  • THE SAGA balances people’s privacy and tries to respect their human dignity when writing a story.
  • When we use videos, images, and other resources from the web or a third party, these resources might get a wider reach.