We all understand how important technology is in our daily lives, but how has it influenced the betting world? New technologies, advancements, and innovations arrived in our world like lightning, quickly and sharply changing the way sports betting works from top to bottom. Now, every sports betting enthusiast is equipped with a mobile device, a stable internet connection, and numerous other perks thanks to new advancements that give bettors the ability to bet from anywhere in the world as long as they are connected to a network. With the advent of such cutting-edge technology, traditional sports also had to adapt, and today, in addition to the betting favorites of basketball and football, cybersports, which are the topic of our discussion today, are also available. Let’s discover the world of cyber sports betting via the Cyber Bet app

What Are Cybersports?

First of all, it’s important to familiarize ourselves with the “cybersport” term, which is not familiar to every sports betting enthusiast since it is quite new and contemporary. You are probably wondering what this new sport is all about, so let us explain. In reality, cybersports are more like games than actual sports, as we usually perceive them. They are known as sports because they allow for competition between one person or one team at a time. It is simply the practice of playing computer games against other players. It is frequently done for money during tournaments, which is where the betting part comes in and is frequently observed by others using outside sources like streaming platforms or occasionally at specific cybersports events. 

Because they represent enormous potential in both the entertainment and gambling industries, cybersports, also known as “esports,” are very well-liked all over the world. Many people participate in computer game activities every day, and this activity becomes even more entertaining and exciting when players have the opportunity to compete against one another, especially for money. With all of these elements coming together, we get to have a large community of players and fans who are very passionate about this activity. It is also very enjoyable for other people to follow such games and competitions and support the team they like. 

The following are some of the most well-liked categories of cybersports that are often displayed on sports betting platforms. 


  • Dota 2
  • Mobile Legends
  • League Of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • Valorant
  • Apex Legends

The Cyber Bet Platform

Now, let us talk about Cyber Bet and the reason we chose to tell you about our experience using this website. Founded in 2018 and accessible in more than 100 nations worldwide, Cyber Bet is a very intriguing sports betting website. As implied by the platform’s name, its primary focus is on providing cybersports betting services. Originally designed as an esports betting platform, it has since expanded to offer traditional sports betting and casino games as well. 

This website is one of the few in Kenya that offers such services and a broad selection of esports for wagering. Information Ice Gaming N.V., the holding company in charge of the entire Cyber Bet brand, is the owner of the Cyber Bet platform. Although the company is based in Curacao, it has operations all over the world. 

We can obviously list a wide range of sports to bet on as one of the platform’s key features, as well as highly lucrative user offers like a 100% welcome offer bonus of up to 30,000 KES. It is also difficult to miss the fact that the website offers incredibly lucrative odds that are sure to please a lot of bettors. It includes a live betting feature that will undoubtedly be very entertaining for those bettors who enjoy a dynamic and active experience, accept a wide variety of payment methods, and make the deposit and withdrawal processes very convenient.

We consider the platform’s ease of use and excellent design, which is free of bugs and glitches, to be one of the site’s main advantages. It is actually very user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The platform’s mobile application, which we will cover next, is the best service it provides, though.

App’s Main Features

In addition to providing very entertaining esports betting services, the Cyber Bet company has created a mobile app that is accessible to all users who own an Android device. Unfortunately, there is currently no iOS app available, but we sincerely hope that this problem will soon be resolved and that the company will quickly produce an app that is accessible to all site visitors.

Numerous factors make the Cyber Bet app very practical. First of all, it makes using the platform much more convenient and mobile-friendly than using a computer to access the website by permitting users to participate in sports betting activities via their mobile devices. This mobility allows platform users to wager while on the go and feel free to make money from their gaming activities wherever they are, whether that be at the local shop or while traveling. 

Another benefit of the app is that it keeps users connected to their experience by sending them notifications about their bets on a regular basis. Members of the website can sign up to receive notifications regarding their bets’ wins and losses as well as other platform events, allowing them to stay informed at all times and be prepared to participate in fun activities. 

You need not worry about having fewer opportunities because the sportsbook application includes all of the features available on the desktop version. The user-friendly organization and layout of the application, on the other hand, make it possible to access all of the website’s sports betting features more conveniently and increase how enjoyable and convenient it is to place bets on cybersports online! 

App’s Pros and Cons

Despite how great and practical the Cyber Bet application is, nothing is perfect, and the app has advantages and disadvantages of its own, just like any other software or service used for online betting. Although the drawbacks do not make the application any less appealing or convenient, we want to caution you that being aware of them will allow you to see the app’s features from a wider perspective and determine whether or not they meet your preferences. We suggest taking a look at the chart in which we contrasted the app’s pros and cons.


Pros Cons
✅Very convenient interface and pleasing design ❌The application is not yet available to iOS users
✅Easy to use and understand ❌Can be hard to use for old-school bettors
✅Wide array of betting features ❌Requires to be updated regularly 
✅Large collection of esports and other disciplines ❌Must meet some conditions in order to be downloaded
✅Regular notifications and alerts
✅Allows betting from anywhere in the world

Cyber Sports Betting vs Traditional Betting

As we already mentioned, although cybersports are relatively new to the market, they have quickly become a favorite among gamblers. However, we think that there is ultimately a distinction between wagering on esports and conventional forms of sports. 

The difference between esports bettors and traditional bettors is stark; the majority of traditional bettors favor wagering on time-honored sports like football, which is currently the most popular sport to wager on, while the younger generation obviously favors cybersports because they have grown up with technology and video games. 

There is not really a difference between wagering on cybersports and traditional sports other than the fact that they both exist in separate worlds with separate communities and are developing independently. Even though both of these types of betting have the same goal, their different backgrounds, settings, and strategies make them very distinct from one another. 

There is no doubt that these various backgrounds influence how bettors behave. In contrast to traditional sports betting, where bettors simply wager on the result of the game using various markets and strategies, esports typically offer a wider range of betting options depending on the games that are played.  Esports also unquestionably rely more on technology and statistics than traditional sports.

Simply put, both of these betting options have the same end in mind, but they take very different routes to get there.


As a conclusion to this article, we can categorically state that cybersports are a very interesting discipline that, despite its enormous popularity, unquestionably requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge to wager on. Thanks to websites like Cyber Bet, which offer excellent esports betting services, bettors can enjoy a great experience with this kind of betting. 

When we first came across and began to investigate the main features of the Cyber Bet betting website, we were pleasantly surprised by how convenient it is.  The company created an application that is no less amazing because it provides gamblers with the same selection of betting options as the desktop version while also making the experience more engaging and mobile-friendly. This enables sports betting enthusiasts to place bets while they are on the go and stay more engaged with their gambling activities at all times. 

The absence of an iOS version of the application is undoubtedly the most obvious flaw we found, so we are hopeful that the company will quickly address this issue. 

Our overall impression is very favorable, so if you have not already, we strongly advise that you give betting on cybersports a try. If you choose to use Cyber Bet, which we also highly recommend, we can only wish you an enjoyable betting journey!