Football is undoubtedly the favorite among bettors. On any platform, this sport always has the largest share. However, less popular options can be even more profitable for betting. This review will consider the less traditional sports presented by the OdiBets. 

Bookmaker Overview

This Kenyan bookmaker is not one of the leading platforms, but it has a lot of fans and offers favorable conditions for betting. The service is actively developing and adding new options. For example, a casino has recently added to the range of the bookmaker. 

To register and login OdiBets account, you need a Kenyan phone number. Unfortunately, other registration methods, such as social networks, are unavailable. 

Another disadvantage of the bookmaker is the limited payment methods. Currently, players can proceed with deposits and withdrawals only through M-Pesa. This mobile payment system is common in Kenya, so this restriction does not cause serious problems. However, in the future, the service should consider integrating alternative methods.

The set of sports for betting is relatively standard. It does not contain completely unusual sports. Most of the section belongs to football, tennis, and basketball. However, other options are less familiar to the traditional bettor.


Darts is not the most dynamic game, but it attracts viewers with a mixture of intellectual and physical combat, with elements of psychological maneuvers. It is popular worldwide, but this discipline has yet to gain high popularity for bettors. Since the competition remains not the most interesting for observers, professional bettors also overlook betting on darts. This sport alienates fans because of the limited information in the wide sports media.


You can bet on darts in live and prematch. In the first mode, there are fewer options for betting. Besides, the rapid change of events makes it harder to place a bet. If we single out the types of bets in this gaming discipline, then we note the following markets:


  • Result. You can bet on the outcome of the whole match, a single set or a leg. The logic is simple — you must determine the winner for a specific match interval or full game.
  • Accurate score by game. The player must guess how the game will end in batches, expressed by the exact score. These events are characterized by high odds and great difficulty in forecasting, so beginners are not recommended to enter bets with such markets.
  • Total. A bet on the quantitative expression of practical actions. The total can be accepted for the number of hits, sets, and lags. Players need to choose whether the final performance indicator will be more or less than the value set by the bookmaker. It is also possible to bet on the individual totals of players.
  • Handicap. By analogy with the total, bets are accepted on different game segments. It implies a bet on a score gap — odds are accepted on the number of sets played, checkouts, used darts, etc.


Handball is a much more familiar sport but not so popular among bettors. Meanwhile, it provides an opportunity to take advantage of high odds and get a great win. Betting markets are similar to football offers, so it is not difficult to develop a strategy. Here are some tips for effective handball betting:


  • Favorites sometimes lose during the match by 5-6 points. The coefficient for their victory increases, so it makes sense to play a net win or a bet with a handicap.
  • If the favorite in the match’s opening is significantly ahead of the opponent, in the final segment, take a positive handicap on the underdog.
  • Be careful when watching matches. Some teams have their patterns. For example, they demonstrate low performance in the first half, but in the second half, they compensate for lost time.
  • If the team that sets the pace in the game did not take the lead in the first half, bet on them to win the match.
  • If the first half ended in a draw, bet on a total under in the second half. Teams will be cautious and fight hard, which does not lead to many goals.
  • According to statistics, if a team scores more than eight goals in the first 30 minutes, it means that in the second thirty minutes, it will score at least eight goals (in 95% of cases).


To be honest, virtual sports have already entered the lives of many bettors and increased their popularity in Africa. However, it is still uncharted territory for some, so we included it in this article. Due to virtual matches’ brevity and constant availability, you can quickly test your strategy and earn some good money. The betting rules and markets are usually the same as regular games, so you don’t have to learn the nuances and new techniques.


Betting should be not only profitable but also enjoyable. Therefore, we recommend sometimes trying disciplines or betting markets that are unusual for you. You can discover a lot of exciting things and win significant amounts. Don’t limit yourself to only the top events from the bookmaker’s homepage; you will gain an advantage over less flexible bettors.