Many have debated Spitch Nzawumbi’s sexuality, arguing he is gay and has a boyfriend. He might be in a relationship and has posted a picture of him on a date.

We investigated his sexuality to confirm if he is gay or straight, so read along!

The handsome broadcast journalist has been in the broadcast industry for many years. As a veteran broadcaster, he has many eyes on his career progress and personal life.

In 2013, he started to work as the host of the show Yilungelo Lakho at SABC1. The presenter also worked for the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies.

We will let the cat out of the bag on his sexuality and reveal his partner.

Some sources have reported Spitch Nzawumbi to be in a relationship. He had even gone on dates and shared some pictures on his social media profiles.

However, he keeps the identity of his partner – boyfriend or girlfriend – off the public eye. 

Is Spitch Nzawumbi Gay?

Before we talk more about his mysterious lover, here are a few discoveries about his sexuality.

Spitch Nzawumbi Receives Flowers

Spitch Nzawumbi flowers

On March 15, 2022, the veteran broadcaster posted a picture of him with flowers. He held the flowers to his chest and was happy to have received them.

He refused to reveal the identity of who gave him those beautiful flowers but left a heartwarming caption, ” Peace and Happiness restored, Thank you for my forever.”

Nzawumbi also shared pictures of him and his date cheering before a drink.

Spitch Nzawumbi Cross Dresses

Spitch Nzawumbi dress

Don’t get me wrong, dressing may not be a pointer to a person’s sexuality, but putting on dresses designed for the opposite gender could be.

On June 16, 2022, the style he rocked to the National Youth Day Commemoration in Mthatha said a lot.

Nzawumbi’s Pose for the Camera

Spitch Nzawumbi pose

On January 4, 2022, he shared another picture that finalized our investigation. He took a Barbie doll pose, placing a foot on a stool.

We are not the only ones investigating his sexuality, as other sources perceive the broadcaster might be gay. He is yet to confirm or debut it. His fans call him beautiful and think he might be gay because of his look and effeminate personality.

Spitch Nzawumbi’s speech often opposes the homophobic movements in the country, defending the gay community.

Who is Spitch Nzawumbi Dating?

Spitch Nzawumbi drinks

Spitch goes out on a date and is not ready to share the identity of his partner. He has not made it open who the person in his life is.

This is an independent investigation by The Saga writers to confirm the boyfriend and sexuality of the broadcaster Spitch Nzawumbi. This content is solely for information purpose and doesn’t make explicit his personal life.