TK Dlamini and his girlfriend Jessica Nkosi recently made headlines for their relationship. Though their love life has experienced many ups and downs, they have found a way to come back together.

The celebrity couple has stunned South Africa with their relationships. They make many want to have the same experience, but to have a man like TK is not easy to find, right?


TK Dlamini baby

TK Dlamini and his lover Jessica Nkosi welcomed a cute baby girl named Namisa. 

They are raising their daughter together as a couple. TK and his girlfriend provide her with her basic needs.


TK Dlamini has always had a thing for beautiful actresses. Before he met his new girlfriend, he dated the famous model and actress Natasha Thahane.

The couple had a rocky and unstable relationship and would go on and off in their affairs. However, they broke up with each other.

Break Up

In 2020, TK Dlamini’s current girlfriend took to Instagram to make his cheating allegations public. She outed that he was seeing another woman.

She posted that whoever was with her man behind her back can now have him all to herself.

Dlamini was alleged to have been with another woman for a long time. Some fans supported Jessica Nkosi’s decision to leave the relationship.

Back Together

The former Uzalo actor TK Dlamini is back with his girlfriend and baby mama Jessica Nkosi. They kept fans in suspense and confused if the duo are back in love or wanted to co-parent their child.

The couple shared a picture of their holiday in Cape Town, which rested the gossip for a while. Fans were happy for the couple as they appeared in love on a boat.


The celebrity couple agreed to parent their daughter, which makes them also spend more quality time together. 

Though they did not mention how and when they fixed their relationship issues, they sorted out their differences.

In our view, their daughter Namisa brought them back in love. The Uzalo actor left the soap opera and announced he wanted to create time to spend with his family.

TK adores his family – his baby mama and daughter. We hope they get married soon.