Zoleka Mandela made headlines for separating from her husband after six years of marriage. Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter ended the fairytale marriage.

Zoleka Mandela and her husband, Thierry Bashala, got married in 2014. After some years in the union, Mandela wanted to leave the relationship and says it took her two years. According to her, the union no longer served her.

Though she loved her ex-husband, being together for eight years, was not easy for her.

The couple first met at a clothing store when Thierry followed her but pretended to try some jeans. Se left her marriage in search of a life more true to her.

Zoleka also says that she left to shift the power from the relationship back to her. She says in an interview;

I have left someone that I once loved for eight whole years because I need to learn to be alone, to work on myself harder than in any other relationship, to recognize and accept my weaknesses, forgive myself, and finally celebrate my freedom.

The couple wedded in 2014, and had two children together. She also has three children from her past relationship.

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Zoleka Mandela shared on Instagram the news of her leaving her six years of marriage. Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter separated from her husband after having two children.

Leaving the marriage took her two years, and she felt the marriage no longer serves her. According to her, the union eroded her self-esteem, mental and emotional state, and independence for a long time.

The writer wants to be alone to learn how to be independent and accept her weakness. Though she dearly loved her husband but needed to get her groove back.