Former Motswako host Penny Lebyane has gone through many experiences with her ex-partner Ali Naka. The South African broadcaster and her former lover had two children together.

Penny Lebyane is a 45-year-old South African broadcaster and media personality. With over 20 years of experience with a diploma in public relations, media, and communication.

Here is all about her relationship with her ex-partner and lover, Ali Naka.


Although many media sources report them to be a married couple, the media personality revealed that he is not her husband. They were only romantic lovers with whom she had two beautiful children.

The couples were only romantic partners with no legal marriage or union backed by the law. Her ex-partner, Ali Naka, is a prominent Zimbabwean businessperson. Reports claim that her boyfriend worked with MTN. 

Separation from Ex

penny lebyane
Penny Lebyane suffered depression after separating with her boyfriend in 2018.

Penny Lebyane got separated from the father of her children in 2008. After separating with her children Takunda Naka and Tamuka Naka, she suffered depressing. The radio personality has gone through a lot after she left her boyfriend.

Legal Battle with Ex

Penny Lebyane
Penny is a Sunday school teacher at Assemblies of God Church in Sandton.

In 2017, revered television personality Penny Lebyane was in a legal battle with her former businessman lover Ali Naka.

Lebyane dragged him to court for refusing to sign travel documents for her and her family to go for a Christmas holiday in Swaziland.

The radio personality felt her lover violated her right and those of her family. She used the opportunity to dismiss allegations that she was a bitter ex.

Life after Separation

penny lebyane children
Penny Lebyane and her children.

Penny Lebyane endured the tough times and challenges that came with the separation. Both her and Ali seemed to have moved on. Ali has married another woman Palesa, though Penny is still single.

In an interview with Drum, Penny says she’s blessed that she, Ali, and Palesa, are civil enough to raise their children together. She allowed her children to use his surname and says it was to make things right for them.

Though she is single, she hopes to marry one day. She is a dedicated Christian and serves as an usher and a Sunday school teacher at Assemblies of God Church in Sandton.

For her, dating is no longer for dating’s sake.