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Zama Ngcobo (born June 18, 1983) is a South African actress and presenter. She is best known for playing Tabitha in the soap opera Generations. 

The 39-year-old actress is displaying an undiluted acting performance in her new role on Ayeye.

The actress has been in showbiz for a while. Aside from acting, she owns a business empire that fetches her some bucks.

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Zama Ngcobo biography
Zama Ngcobo is best known for her role in Generations.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Zama Ngcobo
Born:June 18, 1983 (age 39 years old)
NationalitySouth African
Occupation:Actress, businessperson, presenter
Known for:Tabitha in Generations
Net Worth:R1.7 million

Early Life

Zama Ngcobo was born on June 18, 1983, in South Africa.


Zama Ngcobo has left television viewers glued to the screen with her new role in Ayeye Stripped. In the Mzansi Magic drama series, she plays the widow Nosmilo.

Her character is a bitter woman whose husband was a cheat and had a child with another woman.

After her husband’s demise, she takes on the second woman and contests her deceased husband’s will. She kicked the other woman and her child out of their house.

Nosmilo willed his out-of-wedlock child a chunk of his estate. She and her lawyers find a way to contest the will. 

Apart from Ayeye, the actress has appeared in many other television productions. She is a familiar face on the soap opera Generations, where she played Tabitha.

Ngcobo had her television breakthrough in 2006 as a presenter on the national broadcaster SABC1. She has tried presenting on the radio and has had some stints over the years.

Zama has also worked on some projects as an executive producer.

Personal Life


Zama Ngcobo and her husband loves to travel and vacation. She made headlines after revealing pictures of her man in real life.

The actress took to social media to show off their moments together.

The duo has traveled within and outside South Africa on vacations. She has visited countries outside Africa, like Dubai, Paris, and the United Kingdom.


Ngcobo drives a Mercedes Benz-AMG series. Her taste in luxury wheels has drawn the attention of many to her. She did not start driving cars of luxury today, and it dates back to 2004.

Social Profiles

Zama Ngcobo pictures
Zama is showing off her acting skill in Ayeye Stripped as widow Nosmilo.

The multifaceted personality gives followers a sneak peek of her lifestyle off-camera. She posts pictures of her travels, holidays, work, and others.

Zama also posts sultry pictures of herself dressed in swim wears.

Net Worth

Zama Ngcobo is an actress and businessperson. She has a net worth of R1.7 million as of October 2022.

The Generation star has appeared in many television productions and is killing each role.