Shallipopi is a fast-rising and popular Nigerian musician who is best known for his songwriting and rapping skills. His musical prowess went beyond conventional boundaries which led to being compared with names including Evan and Plutomaniapopi.



Personal Information
Full Name: Crown Uzama
Born: 12th of April 2000
Place of Birth: Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
Nationality: Nigerian
Alma mater:
Occupation: Musician
Net Worth: $20,000.


Shallipopi is 23 years old.

Early Life and Education

Shallipopi whose real name is Crown Uzama was born on the 12th of April 2000 in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. He grew up to love music and had a glimpse of becoming a success in the arts.

There is no information on the schools which Shallipopi attended for his primary and secondary education. But the talented and fast-rising artist started writing his songs at a young age depicting a stardom future ahead.

Personal Life

Shallipopi is not in a relationship at the moment.


Shallipopi started his musical career at a young age as he was exposed to different genres of music in his environs. He was composing, writing, and performing while building his performance and musical abilities.

Despite being faced with several challenges, Shallipopi has remained strong and pushing till his rise to stardom in the industry. He released his official debut single titled “Elon Musk” in 2023 which was a major hit.

This song was a huge success and helped to build his popularity in the Nigerian entertainment industry. As a result of the attention he earned, Shallipopi started releasing different songs including Wait, Gra Gra, Sharipru, and Shaka.

Aside from his songs, the young prodigy is active on TikTok and has gained a large number of fans across the country. Through this platform, Shallipopi has been able to develop a strong presence. 

He is known to post numerous songs and frequently engages with fans. Shallipopi currently has his fanbase known as “Plutomanian Citizens” who are heavily interested in his songs and has grown to love his style of play.

The young musician has his eyes set on achieving more and has a list of interests.

Net Worth

Shallipopi has an estimated net worth of $20,000.


• Elon Musk.

• Shaka.

• Ex-Convict.

• Power.

• Wait.

• Speedometer.

• Obapluto.

• Ahead Ahead.

• Come To My Place.