Mbuso Khoza


Mbuso Khoza is a South African-born vocalist, songwriter, and musician. He is well-known for his rich and unique sound and genre. 

His style of music has gained international recognition. It is a delicate mix of deep traditional Zulu music with jazz elements. With his unique music genre and voice, Mbuso has performed in other countries. 

Mbuso has thrilled music lovers in countries like The Netherlands, Burkina Faso, and Senegal. He has also performed in Senegal and Portugal.

The award-winning vocalist works as a columnist, radio presenter, and lecturer.

Mbuso Khoza
Mbuso Khoza biography
Mbuso Khoza biography hails from the hills of Eshowe.
Quick Facts
Name:Mbuso Khoza
Born:Eshowe, Kwa-Zulu Natal
Nationality:South African
Education:Arts Heritage
Alma mater:University of Witwatersrand
Occupation:Actor, Musician
Genre:Jazz, amahubo
Awards:Best jazz album at the 2013 SA Music Awards

Early Life

Mbuso Khoza was born in Eshowe, a town on a hill in Kwa-Zulu Natal province of South Africa.


Khoza obtained a Master’s in Arts Heritage at the University of Witwatersrand.



Khoza is an award-winning vocalist and songwriter. He was singing jazz music and won the best jazz album at the SA Music Awards in 2013.

In 2015, the vocalist dumped jazz for the Zulu indigenous music amahubo. He has worked with many prominent and award-winning artists. He has collaborated with Carlo Mombelli Quartet, Mike del Ferro, and Ivan Lins on the international scene.

Mbuso has worked with prominent local singers like Black Motion, Black Coffee, and King Sfiso.

The musician named his debut single after his birthplace Eshowe. Through the song, he shares the challenge he has faced and overcome.

Khoza is dominating the music scene as the amahubo gains an international audience. He has toured Europe, promoting a collaborative album with Switzerland trumpeter Matthias Spillmann. 

The album, Ivovo, is a fusion of jazz and amahubo. The duo started the tour in Lucerne in Switzerland. Artists like Salif Keita and Richard Bona influenced his music.


Khoza is very knowledgeable about cultural heritage and promotes it through various channels. He is the founder of The Afrikan Heritage Ensemble, established in 2016.

Apart from music, Mbuso is a columnist for the Isolezwe Newspaper. He works as a radio presenter for Ukhozi FM. He is also a university lecturer.


Mbuso Khoza actor
Mbuso Khoza appears in Umkhokha.

Mbuso Khoza is also an actor and currently appears in season three of the Mzansi Magic drama series Umkhokha. The show is about two rival families fighting for a church.

Personal Life

Asthma Attack

Mbuso Khoza was reportedly rushed to the hospital after an asthma attack in December 2021. According to sources, the environment he was working in caused the attack.

The vocalist Covid-19 tests came out negative. He never knew that working in a damp or dusty place would cause the attack.


On 26 May 2022, Mbuso Khoza was reportedly involved in an accident in Durban. The sad incident occurred when he traveled from a guest house to shoot an episode of Umkhokha. 

On his way, two cars bumped into his car. The musician says he doesn’t remember much about the car’s model. The incident happened so fast. 

The actor believes the accident was not a random hit but a targeted attack. Mbuso came out of the car without injuries but bruises on his shoulder.

Social Profile

Award-winning actor Mbuso Khoza is on social media. He is on Instagram as @mbuso.khoza. He shares his personal life, work, and lifestyle.


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