Matshela Koko is a South African-born Chief Executive Officer. He is best known as the former Eskom CEO. He worked as the Managing Director of Matshela Energy.

Koko has worked in the energy industry for over twenty-five years and has made an astronomical contribution. 

During his tenure as the Group CEO at Eskom, he led a team of over forty thousand workers. He also met ninety-five percent of South Africa’s electricity needs.

Matshela Koko
Matshela Koko biography
Matshela Koko is studied chemical engineering.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Matshela Koko
Born:South Africa
Nationality:South African
Education:Chemical Engineering
Alma mater:University of Cape Town
Spouse:Elizabeth Mosima Koko
Daughter:Koketso Choma
Occupation:Engineer, Managing Director
Net Worth:Multi-million Rand

Educational Qualifications

Matshela Koko obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in September 1996.


After graduating from the university, he immediately joined Eskom as a trainee engineer. Mpumalanga-based Duvha power plant was his first workstation.

The engineer speedily rose to the ranks in his career. After four years, he became a pressure part engineer and a boiler plant engineer manager. 

Koko added more efforts that continued to yield results for him and success for the company.

In 2004, he climbed to Eskom’s senior manager for the enterprise’s engineering division. He experienced another promotion after five years as the senior manager in the generation division.

Matshela served as the Asset Creation Programmes Committee chairman. Later, he became the VGB Power Plant Concepts Chairman. He also became a member of the European Committee on Standardization.

Koko worked as the divisional executive for group technology in 2010. Following the merger between the commercial division and the technology group in 2014, he became the executive of the merged unit. 

In 2016, the Public Enterprises Minister, Mr. Lynn Brown, made him the acting Chief Executive Officer of Eskom.


During his stay in Eskom, he leads a team of over forty thousand workers. The group made a remarkable impact by meeting ninety-five percent of electricity needs in the country.

They were also responsible for about forty-five of all the electricity consumed by the South African Development Community of nations.


Former acting chief executive Koko received a salary of R3.8million. He earned R1.4 million in bonuses and another R79,000 in other payments.

Personal Life

Matshela Koko and his wife, Elizabeth Mosima Koko, have appeared in the news for many reasons, good and bad. His wife received a devastating R48 million tax bill.

Koko and Elizabeth have been together for a long time but are cagey about their personal lives, yet the media finds a way to reveal information about them.

Mosima appeared on the front page of many news publications in early 2022 after receiving an R48.8 million tax bill.

The couple also has a daughter Koketso Choma. She worked as a director at Impulse Holdings and Ukwakhiwa Investments.

Matshela Koko received accused of awarding contracts worth millions of Rands to Mosima’s company.

Social Profiles

Matshela Koko Twitter
Matshela Koko social media profile.

The engineer is active on the social media platform – Twitter, where he airs his views on several topics. He has over 80.9k followers and retweets similar topics. However, he says, retweets are not endorsements.

Net Worth

As stated earlier, Matshela Koko keeps his personal matters in the public eye. 

However, he has earned a fortune through contracts and other income streams. He is worth multi-million Rand as of September 2022.