Mabusi Seme (born August 11) is a South African businessperson and reality TV star. She is best known for being a supporting cast member of the Real Housewives of Durban.

Bringing originality and authenticity to the reality series has earned her an uncontended spot in the hearts of many viewers. She is emerging as one of the fans’ favorites on the show.

Mabusi Seme
 Mabusi Seme biography
Mabusi Seme is the Chief Executive Officer of KaSeme Holdings.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Mabusi Seme
Born:August 11
Place of Birth:Lamontville Township, Durban
Nationality:South African
Education:Marketing management
Occupation:Businessperson, reality TV star
Company:KaSeme Holdings
Known for:Real Housewives of Durban

Early Life

Mabusi Seme was born on August 11 in Lamontville Township in Durban. She was the only child of a single mother and had a less challenging experience growing up.

Since childhood, she has been very ambitious and business-orientated. She would ask her mom if she could do something to keep her busy, such as selling sweets at school. 


The entrepreneur studied marketing management. At a young age, the TV star wanted to be an accountant before going into marketing. 



The reality TV star always had an interest in retail. She worked in the marketing department at Eskom for 15 years.

Eventually, she started her hair and clothing business. After many years, in 2019, she started her business. She is the Chief Executive Officer of KaSeme Holdings. 

Seme runs Glamfab Hair and Beauty, Glamfab Waist Snatcher, Glamfab House of fashion, and Glamfab Jewellery.


In season one of the reality television show the Real Housewives of Durban, Seme barely appeared. But in season two of the show, she returned with a bang.

When the RHOD producers first approached her, she was reluctant, but what was in for her, especially her business got her thinking. She shared the news with her family members and prayed.

At first, she was nervous since she did not know anyone from the show except Sorisha. She also knew Nonku through mutual friends. However, she bonded the most with fellow businessperson LaConco.

In season one, Mabusi went through a lot with her fellow cast members being mean and calling her names.

Personal Life

Mabusi Seme is in a long-distance relationship with her Nigerian-based beau. They are deciding the moving close to each other. Not to forget, she has businesses based in South Africa.

Mabusi Seme is a fun-loving person. She loves hosting parties and get-togethers, shopping, and learning new things. When she is not working, Seme is either researching, reading, or both.

Social Profile

Durban Businesswoman Mabusi Seme reveals more about herself and her business on Social media. Though, she decided to focus more on herself in 2022.

The television personality posts pictures of these outdoor experiences. Seme’s fashion sense is another interesting thing about her. She loves wine and posts more of her brands and taste.