Melany Viljoen (née Lindeque) is a South African business owner and a known name in the beauty industry. She is one of the housewives of the reality television show The Real Housewives of Pretoria.

Melany Viljoen
Melany Viljoen biography
Mel Viljoen is a cast on the Real Housewives of Pretoria Reality Show.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Melany Viljoen
Nationality:South African
Spouse:Peet Viljoen
Occupation:Businessperson, reality tv star
Brand:Tammy Taylor Nail South Africa

Early Life

Melany Viljoen grew up in Limpopo, in northernmost South Africa, named after the Limpopo River. Her parents’ surname is Lindeque.

Since her young days, she had loved business and knew that she would own a business one day. She has always wanted to be in the music industry.

As a teenager, she was always doing her nails, most times by herself or with the help of someone. She understood the importance of a woman having to have beautiful nails. 


The beauty person is the successful personality behind Tammy Taylor Nail South Africa for over a decade. She started with a single salon in Pretoria.

The salon has grown to a top brand with many others salons across the country. The brand is well-known for its focus on a luxury experience that offers something unique.

Before she started the brand, she had to know about the products and their application for the best results. Before coming home, she secured the sole distribution rights in Africa. The successful brand speaks for itself. 


Melany Viljoen brand
Melany Viljoen in her stock display room at the office.

Melany follows the trend from many top fashion houses. She incorporates this research into her brand’s – Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa – product offerings.

The brand remains on top of the latest branding and marketing techniques.

Mel tries to understand what clients want and offers the best customer experience.

The brand was the first to embed natural diamonds in sculpted acrylic nails. They use diamond tools and drill bits to get flawless results.

They stand out from others in the industry because of their innovative products and service offerings. 

Personal Life

Melany Viljoen married the notorious ex-lawyer Peet Viljoen in Cabo on a beach.

The couple loves to spend time on the beach during their leisure time. Mel is a hodophile, and her favorite places to visit in South Africa are Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal. 

Her favorite location to travel outside the country is Los Angeles. She loves to visit places near the beach.

During her free time at night, Melany is busy with her nails. Either she is trying out new techniques, testing new products, or designing nail art. She also does the branding and marketing side of the business.

Social Profiles

Mel is on social media like other Real Housewives of Pretoria cast. She creates awareness about her products and work. She is on;


Reality television star Mel Viljoen made headlines after revealing she got robbed at gunpoint. Amid the controversy, she flaunted a new diamond ring after the incident.

Mel says two men robbed her and took away her 10-carat diamond wedding ring, amongst other things. 

These armed men waited for her to come out of her car at the underground parking at work.

The businessperson says her ring was two sizes too small. She told the armed thieves to take anything but not harm her.

The ring worn by the Real House of Pretoria cast is worth millions in Rand. Her husband blessed her with a beautiful diamond ring after the robbery.