DJ Finzo


Phinel Sefatsa (born July 13), best as DJ Finzo, is a renowned radio Disk Jockey and actor. He works at the PBS radio network Lesedi FM. He is prominent for acting as the businessman Mr Chene, who entered into a contract with two taxi drivers in the comedy miniseries Taxi Ride.

The Disk Jockey is familiar with radio listeners. He has struggled his way to the top and earned enormous fame in showbiz. 

DJ Finzo
DJ Finzo biography
Jessica Jane Molebatsi in Paris.
Quick Facts
Real Name:Phinel Sefatsa
Other Name:DJ Finzo
Born:July 13
Place of Birth:South Africa
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Actor, Disk Jockey
Brother:Lorato Ma’Ellas Phetlhu
Net Worth:R7.5 million

Early Life

Phinel Sefatsa was born on July 13 in South Africa. He had suffered from dwarfism since he could remember. His childhood experience makes him feel bad each time he remembers it.

Growing up, DJ Finzo struggled since he appeared different from his peers and the majority. He would always cry and ask questions each time.

People made fun of him to the extent asked his father to carry him. He is lucky to have supportive parents who encourage him. The Disk Jockey has accepted himself and is no longer ashamed.



The deejay works as a music compiler and presenter at the PBS radio network Lesedi FM. He has made many attempts to get signed by a record label.

Disk Jokey

DJ Finzo Lesedi FM
DJ Finzo holding a performance in May 2022.

DJ Finzo might be one of the shortest South African deejays, but he stands out with his talent. He supports his height with pillows and a crate during a performance, which makes him unique.

DJ Finzo has appeared in many gigs with many top artists in South Africa.

Sefatsa has collaborated with DJ Fresh, Black Coffee, and Oskido. He featured Thuso Motaung in the single Wa Balata.

In 2020, Finzo featured Kay Tyler, Sessy, and Jumbo in the single Sweet and Short. At Lesedi FM, his colleagues are very supportive of his dreams.

DJ Finzo has traveled to Miami and New York to hold performances.


Phinel Sefatsa is also an actor best known for his role as Mr Chuene in the comedy series Taxi Ride. 

His character is a family man and businessperson who agrees to invest in the airline proposed to him by two taxi drivers. He displeased his family after they discovered his affair with another woman.

Personal Life

DJ Finzo daughter
DJ Finzo and his teenage daughter.


Phinel Sefatsa has a teenage daughter. He posted a picture of her on Instagram and has a brother, Lorato Ma’Ellas Phetlhu, who works as a Herbalife distributor. He appreciated his mother on Mother’s Day for the love, care, and support shown him.

Baby Mama

Phinel Sefatsa is a father and has a baby mama. She has always been there for him before he gained prominence. In 2016, he shared a picture of the woman he loves on Facebook. He left her a heartfelt message.

His baby mama chose him even when he was struggling with his job. She has always believed in him and his dreams.

Social profiles

DJ Finzo has several social media profiles with decent followers. The renowned Deejay posts about his work, lifestyle, and family on Instagram. He leaves an engaging caption and ends it with the phrase – sweet and short. 

Though he is active on these platforms, DJ Finzo reserves details about his loved ones. Followers are anxious to know more about his baby mama.

His captions and posts would brighten up your day. One of his hilarious posts is a picture of him in a Spiderman’s suit.


On April 13, 2020, the entertainment personality made headlines after involving in an accident. It happened in the early hours of the day after his Mini Cooper lost control.

Though the car had damage on the right wheel arm, the disk jockey could only be thankful. He walked out of his vehicle without injuries.

DJ Finzo told the press that he lost control of the robots when a truck appeared and did not obey the traffic light. The traffic light was still red when the truck driver disobeyed.

As he tried to avoid getting hit by it, he lost control of the vehicle. The sad incident did not make the truck driver stop.

Assault Case

An assault case was reportedly opened against DJ Finzo for assaulting a woman at a Midrand restaurant.

The alleged assault happened on June 4, 2022, at Perere by Gushima in Midrand. DJ Finzo and Limakatso Pholo met, and she greeted him. She came to a restaurant with a friend.

Net Worth

DJ Finzo net worth
DJ Finzo is a successful Deejay.

The Skillful Deejay has been making waves in the industry lately. His acting profession adds up to earning him a lot of fortune. He has performed on the local and international scene. 

DJ Finzo has a net worth of R7.5 million as of August 2022.