Xolani Maphanga is a South African television presenter. He is the host of the Moja Love TV show X-Repo and is commonly called X. Being on the show rose him to the spotlight in early 2022.

Maphanga believes in hard work, which has been his secret to achieving a lot in life. He worked as a bouncer to become a presenter on television.

Xolani Maphanga
Xolani Maphanga biography
Xolani Maphanga comes from a colorful and big family.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Xolani Maphanga
Origin:Tembisa, Johannesburg
Education:Stanford Business College
Marital Status:Married
Occupation:TV presenter
TV Show:X-Rapo

Early Life

Xolani Maphanga is from Tembisa, East of Johannesburg, South Africa. He was born into a colorful family and has nine younger siblings.

His father is a polygamist and had four wives. Maphanga has memories of his childhood, especially with his parents – his father and mother supported him.


Maphanga attended Mangweni Primary School. He studied and matriculated at Masiqakaze Secondary School and furthered his academics at Stanford Business College.


The television presenter believes in hard work and the fruit it can yield. He started as a bouncer to becoming a presenter on TV.

Xolani landed a gig that has gained him prominence and respect. He is a host on the Moja Love hit show X-Repo. He is very passionate about his work on the show. He puts in his best and thinks the justice system of South Africa is failing the people.

Personal Life

Xolani Maphanga is a father and husband to three children and a wife. Women are throwing themselves on the celebrated television personality. He considers having more than one wife since his father was a polygamist.

Social Profiles

Xolani is active on social media and posts about his shows, personal life, and achievement.