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Vera Sidika is a cast member of the reality television show, The Real Housewives of Nairobi.


Vera Sidika (born September 30, 1989) is a Kenyan socialite, video vixen, entrepreneur, and television personality. She is best known for appearing in P-Unit’s single in 2012, You Guy.

The social media sensation received votes as one of the video vixens in Africa and East Africa. In 2015, she and other socialites appeared on the reality television series Nairobi Diaries.

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Vera Sidika biography
Vera Sidika gained media attention after appearing in P-Unit’s single, You Guy, in 2012.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Vera Sidika Shikwekwe
Born:September 30, 1989 (age 33 years old)
Place of Birth:Mombasa, Kenya
Education:Arts and Design
Alma mater:Kenyatta University
Spouse:Brown Mauzo
Daughter:Asia Brown
Occupation:Model, video vixen, businesswoman, socialite
Yeas Active:2009 – date
Known for:Appearing in music videos

Early life

Vera Sidika was born on September 30, 1989, in Mombasa, Kenya. She grew up in a coastal city in Southern Kenya. She started to show interest in modeling from a young age.

At 17, she began to work as a plus-size model and appeared in many contests and fashion shows.


In 2009, Vera relocated to the large city of Nairobi to study art and design at Kenyatta University.


Reality star Vera Sidika is among Kenya’s controversial women. Her lavish lifestyle and her unpopular opinions about life have left her name on the lips of many.

Appearing in 2012 P-Unit single You Guy brought her into the limelight. She later featured in Prezzo’s single My Gal in 2014. She started to land more music video gigs in and out of Kenya.

Vera was a video vixen for the KCSkiibii and Harrysong’s song, Ebaeno, in 2015. The New York Post and BBC Africa, among other top magazines and news sites, have featured her also.

In May 2017, the entrepreneur launched an herbal detox, Veetox tea. She claimed that the product helps to reduce bloating, clean the digestive system, burn belly fat, and improve metabolism.

Personal Life


Vera Sidika and her husband, Brown Mauzo, are one of Kenya’s celebrity couples.

Before meeting Brown Mauzo, Vera had dated some personalities. She had an affair with Jimmy Chansa, which many thought would lead to marriage. But after seven months of dating, they separated.

Eventually, she told her fans about a new man in her life who was a divorcee. Their relationship did not get till death do us part. She found love again with a Nigerian businessperson Yomi Johnson. 

Like the relationships before, it lasted for months, and she accused the Yommy of being violent. She entered into another relationship with the singer and songwriter Otile Brown.

The relationship ended like the ones that preceded it. Reports covered that Vera dated another Nigerian in the person of Dr. Badmus, Tommy Daniel.


Vera Sidika pregnant
Vera was about to meet be a mummy in 30 minutes and opted for elective CS.

Vera has recently welcomed a bouncing baby boy. A fellow Housewife in the reality TV show RHONairobi Mpasho made the reveal. She had shared that she was pregnant and flaunt the bump. 

The reality TV star wanted a painless procedure and to spend any amount to achieve it. She went through the same process of childbirth for her daughter and wanted the same for her son.

Vera mentioned hiring and paying a private doctor since she sought the best. The doctor came with a team and did not disappoint.

In 2022, the celebrity mum claimed that her daughter Asia Brown sleeps on a special bed that cost Ksh.300 000.


Skin Lightening

Vera admitted to undergoing a process that lightened her skin in the United Kingdom in 2014.

Since people started saying the procedure wasn’t safe and could affect her medically. She proved such claims wrong by saying it cost her over ksh15 million.


Vera Sidika body
Vera Sidika in a desert.

Vera Sidika told her followers that she underwent surgery to remove butt implants. Kenyans became anxious to see her new look without big butts.

While they waited for her to post a new picture, she released a music video.

Social Profile

Veetox tea CEO Vera Sidika is on social media and shows a bit of her lifestyle. She is either having a couple’s goal shot, a mummy and baby shot or showing off her extravagant lifestyle. 

Since many men follow her to see her Ikebe, she flaunts it too in mouth-watery pictures. 

The Socialite shocked many Kenyans after she removed all old photos of her on social media. She only allowed pictures of her after surgery.

However, old pictures of her continue to circulate on the internet. Kenyans still show a keen interest in her before and after photos. She is on;


In 2015, Vera Sidika and other celebrated Kenyan personalities on social media starred in the reality TV series Nairobi Diaries. Other cast members include Silvia Njoki, Ella Ciru, Gertrude Murunga, Marjolein Blokland, and Pendo.

In 2023, she appeared in the reality TV series, the Real Housewives of Nairobi. Other cast members of the show are Susan Kaittany, Sonal Maherali, Minne Kariuki, and Lisa Christoffersen.