Mosa Nkwashu age

Mosa Nkwashu represented South Africa at the International Junior Miss in Florida.


Mosa Nkwashu (born in 2007) is a beauty pageant title winner, model, and actress. She has appeared in many pageantries representing South Africa.

Recently, she entered a beauty pageant in Orlando, the United States. She did impress many international modeling agencies and audiences.

Mosa Nkwashu
Mosa Nkwashu biography
Mosa Nkwashu won the 2016 Miss Valentine at Pretoria’s Curro Thatchfield High School.
Quick Facts
Name:Mosa Nkwashu
Born:2007 (age 15 years old)
Origin:Mahwelereng, Limpopo
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Actress, model
Years active:2016-date
Coach:Valerie Begbie

Early Life

Mosa Nkwashu was born in 2007. She hails from Mahwelereng in Limpopo, South Africa. Growing up, she watched modeling shows, which was when she picked interest. Some of the shows she watched were America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks.

The genesis of her modeling ambition is when her school held a beauty pageant. She revealed her interest to her supportive mother, Khensani, who got her a pair of heels.

Her sister loved the work and taught her to walk in those heels. Every day, they would practice in the garage.

On the day of the pageant, Nkwashu performed exceptionally and won the competition. She asked her mother to find her a modeling school, and she did. 


Mosa Nkwashu has represented South Africa in international pageantries. The beauty queen entered the International Junior Miss Florida in 2021 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

After an impressive performance, nine international modeling agencies scouted the beauty queen. She has returned from the United States without a crown but a brighter future.

The 10-day competition, the International Junior Miss Pageant, started on November 10. She competed with thirty-two other girls from other countries.

Mosa bagged a few awards, and nine modeling agencies scouted her. The young beauty queen knew she would be a model from a young age.

Nkwashu got her first big break in 2016 after winning Miss Valentine at Pretoria’s Curro Thatchfield High School. She has also won more crowns in many other competitions. Mosa participated in Miss Centurion Schools 2018.

In 2019, she competed for the Miss Gauteng Teen and Miss Supranational Grand Supreme crowns. 

Mosa competed at the 2018 Festival Model and Talent Festival World in Antalya, Turkey. She won the Grand Prix Supreme.

Lewatle in Skeem Saam

Mosa is no doubt one of the fast-rising models in South Africa, and she is a talented actress too. She got a role in the SABC1 drama series Skeem Saam.

Her character, Lewatle, is a new pupil at Turfloop High, her professional television acting debut. Watch her on SABC 1 on weekdays at 18:30.

Personal Life

Mosa Nkwashu’s mother is Khensani. She has a sister who supported her modeling career from the beginning. Having a supportive family helped her modeling journey. She has not made told any publication anything about her love life.

Social Profile

Mosa is on social media and showcases her modeling work there. She posts her achievements, titles, and presence at events. On October 23, 2021, she made a list of her wins and appreciated those that made them happen.