As Die Skoen Pas Teasers for March 2021 (Episode 31 – 53)

The March teasers of the popular show television show As Die Skoen Pas comes with drama. The show airs on weekdays (Mondays – Fridays) at 19h30 on eExtra.

Turkan successfully scares Serdar into getting married to Nihan. The secret sanctuary of Omar is found by Defne. Ismail gets attention from other girls leaving Yasemin jealous.

That’s the tip of the iceberg, catch all the As Die Skoen Pas teasers this month (March).

Mon. 1st March 2021 (Episode 31)

As Die Skoen Pas March teasers
As Die Skoen Pas March teasers.

The Passion team spending a weekend break at a resort and Defne has to make a clever move as Sinan and Omer want to spend time with her alone. Other girls get noticed by Ismail leaving Yasemin jealous.

Tues. 2nd March 2021 (Episode 32)

Not everyone is enjoying the team-building/motivational weekend by the company. Koray and Neriman enjoy the journey to the resort. Serdar gets married to Nihan after receiving treats from Turkan.

Wed. 3rd March 2021 (Episode 33) 

As Die Skoen Pas March teasers
As Die Skoen Pas March teasers.

The weekend on team-building/motivation is still on. Koray and Neriman enter an anxious situation with Yasemin with little knowledge of what would happen next. Turkan and Nihan’s mother try to begin the negotiations for marriage. Omer and Defne is the perfect chance to say what’s in their mind.

Thurs. 4th March 2021 (Episode 34)

Omar’s secret sanctuary is found by Defne. On a less happy note, Koray discovers life difficult to a great extent, but help came from a source that was not expected. After Yasemin shows a different side of her Sinan gets surprised.

Fri. 5th March 2021 (Episode 35)

During workdays, Omer and Defne were not at the office and that got people talking. Necmi takes Neriman to task ordering her not to henceforth stand in the way of the relationship of Defne and Omer.

 Mon. 8th March 2021 (Episode 36)

Endam and Turkan have negotiated to the extent where Sinan has to come in as the mediator. Omar leaves Defne and returns home, without making him know. Meanwhile, Neriman is surprised after Necmi does something she never thought of him to do. Even in the midst of all this, she still is unable to stop the threats and interference.

Tues. 9th March 2021 (Episode 37)

Defne is in need to resume work, while Omer makes things uneasy for her. Neriman receives a pleasing surprise and Yasemin gets a disturbing call.

Wed. 10th March 2021 (Episode 38)

All Defne’s effort to reason with Omer ends in vain. With Necmi not around, it seems Neriman to lose the plot. Koray is not able to provide her with the support she needs morally following the breakdown seems to be having. On the other hand, Sinan has a good reason to expect a surprise.

Thur. 11th March 2021 (Episode 39)

Everybody is in preparation for the big award night and Omer encounters an old nemesis. Will he get out with ease? Defne wants to share a secret with Omer but not everyone thinks she should. 

Fri. 12th March 2021 (Episode 40)

Defne wants to build herself to a better version, the tension between Omer and her comes in-between. The winter collection results in a load of intrigue and deception. Neirman tries everything possible to appear brave or calm in her unique way.

Mon. 15th March 2021 (Episode 41)

Neriman attempts to find help after she is unable to cope anymore. The things Omer left behind catches up with him thereby intensifying the tension between him and Defne. A game Yamin is playing with the competition of the company is dangerous.

Tues. 16th March 2021 (Episode 42)

Omer and Sinan are presented with an offer from Deniz that is difficult to refuse. Sude comes up with a plan to make Sinan get close to her. Iz from Omer’s past relationship causes tension between Defne and her former lover, Omer.

Wed. 17th March 2021 (Episode 43)

Necmi takes a decision to return home after listening to Neriman sing at Sude’s welcoming party. Defne unhappy with Omar and there is a sudden pandemonium when Deniz betrays Sinan and Omer gets invited to the Tranbar launch. 

Thurs. 18th March 2021 (Episode 44)

Defne gets convinced by Omar to work on a new collection to launch and everyone has to try very hard to see it becomes a reality. “Sparks fly” following Yasemin appearing at the door of Koray and insisted they work together from home.

Fri. 19 March 2021 (Episode 45)

Omer’s team receives an impossible deadline from him. Meanwhile, Koray and Yasemin have a promising friendship. The relationship Omer and Defne share is getting deeper. Iz tries to prevent it from going smoothly after mentioning a tattoo Defne does not know of. 

Mon. 22nd March 2021 (Episode 46)

Omer and Defne stay awake all night and romance blooms. Deniz tries to prevent the works for Passion from going smoothly when pinching their stock. Yasemin gets caught in immoral behavior with Deniz and Omer. Sinan gets to reach a dead end.

Tues. 23rd March 2021 (Episode 47)

The partnership between Sinan and Omer is approaching a disaster. Omar’s ex pays a visit to Defne and the competition for his love begins. Koray receives the surprise of his life though it might not be according to his expectations.

Wed. 24th March 2021 (Episode 48)

Koray is faced with a very difficult choice between Sinan and Omer and suffers much stress and trauma. Yasemin tries all she could to make her situation with Omer fairer.

Thurs. 25th March 2021 (Episode 49)

Nihan and Serder find it difficult to get engaged because of Endam. Omer is facing difficulty with his situation at work. Defne tries all she can to keep and offer him support, but the disagreement is not helping much.

Fri. 26 March 2021 (Episode 50)

Die Skoen Pas March teaser 2021. Credit: YouTube/Inside Scoop

Sinan and Omer end the quarrel and become friendly. Defne is not sure whether to accept the marriage proposal from Omar. Serdar, Nihan, and Ismail make a quick move to raise the money she owes Neriman. Koray and Neriman secretly plan to cause disagreement between Sinan and Sude. Yasemin tries to influence and persuade Ismail to share about their relationship with his friends. 

Mon. 29th March 2021 (Episode 51)

Omer returns on track in his professional and personal life. The position of Yasemin is not securely held, meanwhile good and bad news gets to Defne. To get access to his rival company, Deniz tries out an angle that is new and not expected.

Tues. 30th March 2021 (Episode 52)

Defne finds herself in a difficult situation after Sinan and Omer see the design Deniz bought from her and gave her the instruction to find a talented new designer. Koray and Neriman visit the gym to try and reduce weight. Sinan receives an ultimatum from Necimi and the outcome did not please Sude.

Wed. 31st March 2021 (Episode 53)

Defne receives a chat invitation from Sude who has extrinsic reasons. Defne’s brother meets Omer and they are going to receive a big surprise. Passionis succeeds to keep an important contract with a company. The revenge of Deniz comes with a shocking outcome for Defne and Omer.


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