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Born Jacques Faul is the current Chief Executive of Titans cricket. He took over from the acting appointee, Aniel Soma. This could be considered a step down in some quarters for Jacques, who was the acting CEO of Cricket South Africa for one year.

“I learned a lot while I was with CSA, it was difficult, but we achieved what we set out to do, which was keeping the operations going and getting the sponsors back. 

Jacques Faul Biography
The Chief Executive Officer of Titans cricket, Jacques Faul Photo

“It has also given me a more balanced view of cricket administration, has always been on the affiliate’s side of the fence before then. 

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“I wanted to stay in cricket and I want to make the Titans the best franchise in the world. It’s a fantastic organisation and I’m very privileged,” Faul said.

“I want to take the organisation to a new level, but you can only react in four ways strategically when you move into a venture, and this applies from a pub to an accounting firm. You can stop, start, continue or change things.

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“The Titans is a great organisation, so I’ll be continuing a lot of things. But my role demands that I stop, start and change certain things. Issues such as stadia and financial stability are always dynamic,” said he.


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NameJacques Faul
OccupationChief Executive of Titans cricket
EducationKlerksdorp High School
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He played a notable role in promoting the status of cricket in Potchefstroom upon becoming the CEO in 2003. He was brought up in Klerksdorp.

He played club cricket for twenty-one years and became president of the club at the age of twenty-six. 

At an early age, he was called into administration and showed an incredible commercial vision.


He holds a Level III certificate and an academy at Klerksdorp High School. He describes coaching as what he enjoys most.


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  1. Hi Jacques, Are you family of Hennie Faul formerly of Letseteli and before that Hennie and his Brother owned a furniture transport company in Klerksdorp. Hennie Faul was my Godfather, a close friend of my Father Donovan Pullen. My father Donovan & my 13 year old brother were murdered on our farm near Potch–He was at Gimmies in Potch.
    I live on the Cayman Islands and every time I see your name– I wonder
    Please advise and Good luck with Protea cricket– For the first time in 10 years I believe we have the management and players to beGREAT AGAU+IN

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