Rhythm City Teasers January 2020 [Wednesday 1st – Friday 31st] All Episodes

Lovers of the original, the one and only Soapie Teasers, Rhythm City teasers January 2020 are to expect the following. On this page, the Teasers have been released starting from Wednesday 1st – Friday 31st January 2019. 

Experience the suspense, love, hate, drama, and many more on Rhythm City. Get all your action on Rhythm City on e.tv Mondays to Fridays at 19h00. 

Rhythm City Teasers January 2020

Rhythm City Teasers January 2020
Rhythm City on e.tv Mondays to Fridays at 19h00.

Wednesday 1 (Episode 3258) 

Khulekani looks to finish the job he started on David Genaro. Rene turns to Siya for comfort. Lefa’s loser rating gets even worse. 

Thursday 2 (Episode 3259) 

David continues to defy Gail’s worst fears. Siya lets crucial information slip. Lefa tells Kea about the bomb he made. 

Friday 3 (Episode 3260) 

As David prepares for the wedding, all his enemies assemble. Rene tells Mzi she’s pregnant. Monday 6 (Episode 3261) 

David’s enemies move in on him. Rene and Mzi try to come to terms with the pregnancy. Lefa gets an amazing offer. 

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Tuesday 7 (Episode 3262) 

David surprises everyone with his reaction to the betrayal. Rene and Mzi try to come to terms with their situation. Lefa is finally victorious. 

Wednesday 8 (Episode 3263) 

Gail tries to warn Suffo. Khulekani fails to be there for Zinhle. Rene tells Sindiswa her big secret. 

Thursday 9 (Episode 3264) 

David plots revenge. Khulekani tries to make a new ally. The Khuses learn about the pregnancy. 

Friday 10 (Episode 3265) 

David puts Gail’s loyalty to the ultimate test. Kop rages against Rene’s latest mistake. Lefa suffers another blow. Monday 13 (Episode 3266) 

Pearl comes to Suffo’s rescue. Mzi tries to stop abortion. Lefa is caught in a compromising position. 

Tuesday 14 (Episode 3267) 

Suffo and his men come for David. Rene is stunned when Mzi comes with a solution to all her fears. Kop schools Lefa on how to treat women. 

Wednesday 15 (Episode 3268) 

Just as everyone makes their way to Kilowatt, a bomb is set to go off. Rene considers Mzi’s marriage proposal. 

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Thursday 16 (Episode 3269) 

David is not the only one to think he has supernatural powers. Rene decides to marry Mzi. Suffo and Khulekani join forces. 

Friday 17 (Episode 3270) 

Mzi tries to connect with Suffo. Khulekani and Suffo send in the big guns. Lefa is a star for one night. Monday 20 (Episode 3271) 

David puts his family in hiding. Reneilwe’s father derails the mahadi negotiations. Sindiswa saves the day at Kilowatt. 

Tuesday 21 (Episode 3272) 

David reaches out to Lerato. Sello takes it too far with Kea. Sindiswa is convinced she has a new job. 

Wednesday 22 (Episode 3273) 

Pearl and Gail are prisoners. Kop hands the negotiations over to Sello – to Rene’s shock. Sabelo encourages Sindi to fight for her dreams. 

Thursday 23 (Episode 3274) 

Lerato assures Khulekani she’s on his team. Rene’s lobola negotiations are concluded. Sindiswa debuts on 9-Nine. 

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Friday 24 (Episode 3275) 

Circumstances force David out of the Eagle’s Nest. Rene shows haters how good her life is. Lerato leaves Sindiswa out in the cold. 

Monday 27 (Episode 3276) 

Pearl manages to convince Gail to blindside David but that backfires. Mzi and Rene have a fallout. Sindiswa receives good news. 

Tuesday 28 (Episode 3277) 

Mzi lets Rene down at the hospital because he has bigger troubles of his own. Sindiswa attracts more controversy. 

Wednesday 29 (Episode 3278) 

Pearl reaches out to Suffo. Mzi declares love for Pearl… to Rene. Shakes teach Sindi a lesson. 

Thursday 30 (Episode 3279) 

David fails to reassure his women. Mzi makes a deep admission to Fats. Lerato stokes the flames between Sindiswa and Shakes. 

Friday 31 (Episode 3280) 

David kicks Pearl out of the Eagle’s Nest. Sindiswa lives like a star. Mzi convinces himself love is about sacrifice. 


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  1. Wow! I feel ashamed for Rene. She’s expecting Mzi to love her because of the baby. Poor little Rene.

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