Petrol Price in November 2019 | How Much is Fuel?

Fuel Price in South Africa
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I have heard people complain about the petrol price in November 2019 and I think we can have a consensus on that. The fuel price for a while has been a bit heavy on an average South African.

With a drop in the cost per litre of fuel this November, the price of fuel is a bit kind to South Africans. 

This is the first time in a while South Africa as a whole is experiencing a reduction in fuel price. It is the third notable decrease in our fuel price this year.

Why is there a reduction in the price of fuel in South Africa this November 2019?

Due to the analysis carried out by, the price of fuel could continue to reduce until it hits 18 cents per litre. This could also affect the price of other substitutes including diesel to sell for 14 cents per litre.

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Paraffin is getting cheaper dropping by 21 cents. AA released a statement on Wednesday explaining why South Africa is in Store for some pre-Christmas cheer.

In the statement AA said:

“The Rand has pulled back from its high point at the start of October. This ongoing decline in the average exchange rate has meant that most of its losses have been clawed back, and it will have only a modest impact on the fuel price.” “As a result, we are anticipating November drops of between eight and 18 cents for petrol, 14 cents for diesel, and 21 cents for illuminating paraffin”.Whatever happens to the oil price and Rand from this point affects the price motorists will be paying at the pumps at Christmas. It remains to be seen whether this month’s reductions will continue for the rest of the year.”

AA released statement on fuel price

How the price of petrol would affect motorists this Christmas

This year’s December could just be a bed of roses, the price of fuel this Christmas could be the cheapest in a while. The AA also mentioned that the “oil ticked up slightly from its late-October plateau”. The AA also said that “this could be the start of a strengthening trend into November”.

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The Forecast Price of fuel for November 2019

Note: The Price of Petrol is in Rand-per-litre assuming 18 cents per litre comes off of petrol.


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