South African stars with a penchant for casinos

It will hardly surprise you that many of South Africa’s most famous and glamourous stars have been known to enjoy stepping into a casino once in a while.

South Africa is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and bustling casino floors and it is a popular destination for individuals who are looking to throw the dice in a lovely location.

Some of the South African celebrities who enjoy gambling occasionally may surprise you, whereas others will be exactly who you expect. Check out our list of South African stars who have a soft spot for gambling.

Sol Kerzner

Sol Kerzner was one of the most famous South Africans and he was especially known for his interest in gambling – he opened and operated a series of high-end casinos across South Africa.

Kerzner’s famous casino, Sun City, was built in one of the homelands and, as a result, Kerzner was able to circumnavigate the country’s legislation regarding sexuality, race, and casino regulation.

This meant that Kerzner’s casinos, including Sun City, became places for all South Africans to enjoy, meet one another and have fun in.

In fact, South Africans from Johannesburg used to drive for hours just to get to Sun City and play the slots.

The Sun City casino complex has grown over the years. There was a recent expansion of 62 acres to include a hotel among other attractions.

The complex is often referred to as South Africa’s Las Vegas and if you have ever been to Sun City, you will understand why. The casino complex also made him a very rich man.

Although he passed away in 2020, Kerzner’s legacy survives as his casinos are still very popular in South Africa.

They remain social hotspots for conversation, fun, and exciting evenings spent with friends.

Dominique Piek

Dominique Piek is a 36-year old swimsuit model and influencer who was born in Somerset West.

She is famous for having graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and also for being a Ford model for over five years. Dominique also dated Hollywood actors Chris Pine and Ryan Seacrest.

Piek has been known to enjoy visiting casinos while traveling throughout Europe and North America.

She and Ryan Seacrest also made a romantic trip to Monte Carlo. Unfortunately, Seacrest did not fare very well at the casino tables and complained to the press about how poor his luck had been while gambling there.

Elon Musk

You could argue that Elon Musk is a strange addition to a list of South African celebrities who enjoy gambling.

However, Musk appears to treat his companies like gambling chips and places huge bets on different products by heavily investing in risky designs and product launches.

On top of that, Musk has also gotten into trouble with the American Securities Exchange Commission, or SEC, for the way in which he has manipulated the stock market.

While it might surprise you, Musk has manipulated the stock market by thoughtlessly tweeting out his various ideas and plans.

This is arguably a form of gambling – and one that he enjoys engaging in regularly!

Choosing the right online casino to play like the stars

Sometimes it can feel like just choosing a casino to use can feel like a gamble. The online casino industry is incredibly competitive and, as the industry becomes more popular, an increasing number of online casinos are likely to be launched into the market.

As a result of the market being so competitive, it can be difficult for veteran gamblers and novice gamblers alike to find and choose the right online casino.

Every casino tries to attract new gamblers by offering specific terms, different game options, and attractive registration bonus offers.

When deciding on the right casino to use, it is worth taking the extra time to do some research and review the various casinos.

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The next generation of gambler

You may notice a number of changes in the years to come as the gambling habits of stars and celebrities change.

There has been a general shift towards online casinos as the new, more convenient way for gamblers to play their favorite card games, slots, and live dealer games.

It will be interesting to see how young stars like Thapelo Seemise, Mohau Modisakeng, Bonang Matheba and Zenande Mfenyana decide to spend their time as it will likely influence the choices of millions of other young South Africans.

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