Taxi Drivers Dresses as Women to Support the ongoing Campaign on Women Abuse

Following a gender-based violence awareness campaign, some male taxi drivers decided to join in earnest. The brave men dressed in female attire and wig walked round the streets of South Africa.

Their action triggered responses from hundreds of South Africans who in return hailed these drivers.

According to a group of taxi drivers, they stood together in support of a noble cause. 

Taxi drivers dressed like women
Drivers dressed in female attire walked round the streets of South Africa

Mosala Mabeleng, who participated in the protest, shared how he and some other drivers walked the streets in female dresses and high heels.

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Their inspiration originated from recent campaigns against gender-based violence. 

Mabeleng shared details and images on Facebook and followed the trend.

“Big up to all of you, and I hope this will be a challenge to all the drivers throughout all the Provinces. Spirit.” Naledi Seripe added

 “This is the sweetest gesture against women abuse I’ve ever seen… Nogal from taxi drivers! I’m humbled, dear gentlemen… thank you and we love you.” Palesa Moloi commented

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 “Maar Julle is soooooo mooi! Thank you so much, guys!” Monica Rood added

“Just GORGEOUS!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!” Anna-Marie Pansegrauw responded


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