President Ramaphosa full speech, SA will mostly move to Level 3 lockdown at the end of May

On Wednesday, the president, Cyril Ramaohosa, made an announcement. According to him, the nation will mostly move to Level 3 lockdown at the end of May.

President Cyril Ramaphosa made an announcement that SA will be stepping into the Level 3 lockdown at the end of the month. explores the latest update as Mzansi continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. president announced that South Africa will mostly step into Level 3 at the end of May. He has finally addressed the country on the current situation in the country.

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On the evening of Wednesday, he decided to place the country on lockdown.

“The lockdown that we have imposed was absolutely necessary. The infection rate would have soared and our healthcare system would have been overwhelmed.”

The president made the announcement that the country will be entering the Level 3 lockdown by the end of May.

The regions with high infection rates may not step in with others as they will likely remain at higher levels.

DA wants president Ramaphosa to boot Patel over clothing restrictions. The Democratic Alliance has made a call on Cyril Ramaphosa to fire Ebrahim Patel. 

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This was after the Minister published a ‘bizarre and extraordinary’ list of restrictions on buying and selling of clothing during Level 4 lockdown.

The citizens of South Africa are not strangers to obscure regulation announced by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition with the issue of a law banning the sale of ‘cooked hot foods’.

Patel made these restrictions based on an increase of unimportant movements in supermarkets. Though many South Africans are still confused.

John Steenhuisen made a call on the government to quit petting the new restrictions announced for the Level 4 lockdown.

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The United States of America has sent 1 000 ventilators to South Africa to tackle the virus.

The United States government has made a donation of about 1 000 ventilators and other equipment in a bid to help support South African response to the pandemic.

These specialized medical equipment are used in intensive care units. They assist in supporting patients whose lungs are not functioning the way it should.


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