Eastern Cape COVID-19 Cases Breakdown by Location

Today’s COVID-19 reported cases in Eastern Cape has been released.

The Eastern Cape has confirmed a total of 293 cases, 5 deaths, and 15 recoveries.

Nelson Mandela Bay recorded the highest number with 127 cases.

eastern cape covid-19 cases breakdown
The Eastern Cape now has 293 confirmed cases of Covid-19 – Source DispatchLive

The latest update on the COVID-19 pandemic in Eastern Cape has been released. The report covered in this article is according to the provincial health department.

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The Eastern Cape has recorded and confirmed two hundred and ninety-three (293) cases of COVID-19, five (5) deaths, and fifteen (15) recoveries.

The Nelson Mandela so far has recorded the highest number with one hundred and twenty-seven (127) confirmed cases.

Then followed by Buffalo City which has so far recorded one-hundred and eight cases of the infection.

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Chis Hani has recorded twenty-five (25) cases while Sarah Baartman and Tambo both have fourteen (14) recorded cases. Amatole recorded five (5) cases.


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