Actress Zenande Mfenyana is expecting twins

Zenande Mfenyana has shared a good news, she is having twins! Though the actress kept her pregnancy a secret till now. 

The actress famous for her role as Noluntu Memela on Generations, had to allegedly leave the popular South African series.

She took the news to social media with a picture containing two (2) bubbles which represents her babies. And revealed that she is expectant of twins which she has been blessed with.

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She is happy and made the announcement that she is not expecting only a baby but two (2)!

Getting a child is a blessing and a great gift, getting two (2) children is immeasurable. observed that the former Generation actress is good at hiding her pregnancy and revealing it now.

Though she had to leave The Queen because of her pregnancy, but it is worth sacrificing.

With joy Zenande took to social media a picture of two bubbles which represents her babies.

Judging from the picture background she is expecting a boy and a girl.

Fans and followers congratulated Zenande on her two (2) blessings. 

“Congrats Mama ” 


“Wow…. Congratulations are the order of the day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” 


“You having Twins “


“You so blessed darling congratulations.” 


“Congratulations Zenanade with ur new babies”


Zenande and her husband, Warren Masemola dropped some good news they are expecting twins!

Together, the couple are expecting their little blessing together. They decided to wait after her 30th birthday to make big reveal. This indeed a special birthday gift.


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  1. Congrah darling

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