WOW! John Cena Surprises Sho Madjozi During Her Performance

During Sho Madjozi’s performance of her hit single guess who decided to show up? That’s right! John Cena and her reaction were priceless.

Sho Madjozi and John Cena
South African singer Sho Madjozi performs her viral tune “John Cena” – right before finally meeting her idol in person for the first time

The popular SA rapper, Sho Madjozi, is still trending real big on her song, “John Cena” here in South Africa. Following an outstanding performance on A COLORS SHOW, she dropped her single during late September.

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Lately, she made an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show and while she performed John Cena, the popular American wrestler and rapper decided to surprise her. Her reaction was out of this planet.

During her performance on stage, John Cena entered through the back of the back. Upon seeing the big-time wrestling star, the audience and fans began to cheer more than usual but Sho remained unaware.

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John Cena decided to give her a little dance and then she realized the presence of the person standing close and freaked out. “What do you mean? You said he’s not here,” she screamed.

They both then went on to share an embrace and talk about the song and its success.

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The Sho Madjozi’s “John Cena” speaks to the significance of wrestling in South African culture. Here in SA, the song is trending big and with the #JohnCenaDanceChallenge, in which John Cena even took part.

Watch the video of Sho Madjozi and John Cena:


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