Woman flaunts husband’s cooking, gets dragged for ‘showing off’

South Africans chewed a lady for posting a picture of meal prepared by her husband.

The Social media user even focused mainly on the background of the picture and paid little attention to the food.

Many also believe that the woman placed Smeg products to show off in her picture.

The woman was flooded with replies for posting a picture online lately. The woman who had the intention to flaunt her hubby’s cooking posted a snap of a meal me prepared.

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This triggered reactions from social media users and noted that she also wanted to show off her expensive kitchen items. Internet users dragged her for the showoff.

The twitter user, mbofhop, tweeted a picture containing a plate of food. She also placed a Smeg kettle and toaster in a strategic position in the picture.

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Other Twitter users were quick to spot other things in the background and roasted her for it.

Twitter user iTinyiko said:

“Did he use the kettle to cook the meal?”

“Did he cook the Smeg or the food? I am confused now. Nice show-off there on Smeg.”


“Sanbonani nami I can afford Smeg.”


“S M E G Smegzozoo…”


“This has nothing to do with the plate or what’s in it. The post is more about the overpriced appliance.”


“Does the food not taste the same if it’s not next to a kettle and toaster?”


“Another Smeganizer promoter.”

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