WATCH: Audience Attacks Makhadzi On Stage During Performance

Makhadzi, a popular name in the music scene, has gone through a lot these few weeks.

Pouring out her lamentations after she was subbed once more by the popular award sponsors, SAMA. This made her fans and supporters furiously angry.

The Limpopo-born artist left a tweet to explain that she had submitted her music to be selected for the 27th SAMA. She was not a nominee in a single category again in the award-giving that took place in August.

Later, Makhadzi saw herself making waves following a resurfacing of an old video. The video contained where the artist fondled and touched the nether regions of a male audience.

The video triggered reactions leaving many Twitter users to call for her to “be cancelled”.

They had great concern since they couldn’t clarify if the fan allowed that she touch him in that way, they however labeled it sexual harassment.

Fans refused to buy any of that as they thought that it could be a way to tarnish her name and image by paid influencers. They were immovable in the love they have for Makhadzi.

Amid the controversy comes another video. Though the details on the time it was shot were not mentioned, but from the video, we may conclude that it was on a weekend.

The short video contained the singer being attacked while performing on stage. During her performance, a bottle of beer comes flying her way and appears to have found its way to her head.

The Tshanda Vhuya hitmaker reacted with hand gestures and asked if someone had thrown something at her. After a short while, she left her fans with a goodbye leaving the stage in the middle of her performance.

The video below says it all;


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