Urban TV DStv/GOTV Whatsapp Number for Music Request

Viewers of Urban TV can contribute to the live music show through the number of music requests. The television station has made it available for both DStv and GOTV viewers to request a song they wish to listen to.

Urban TV, rebranded to Planet TV, is a lifestyle and music cable television station for black youths. DStv users can tune to the station at channel 328.

The station has two live shows that provide the opportunity for users to request songs – Morning Request and Request Show.

Viewers and listeners could decide on requesting songs on Twitter, and or WhatsApp. The television station makes the music request number on the screen. 

Urban TV song Requests

Urban TV WhatsApp number

The steps are easy and could be complete in a space of 2 minutes. Listeners only need their smartphones and an internet connection to send a request. Upon receiving the request, the song gets played.

Request on Twitter

Users on Twitter can send their music requests in a tweet to @thisisurbantv. Listeners are however advised to make use of the required hashtags. Though on-screen, most of the songs played are from WhatsApp users.

Request on WhatsApp

Users on WhatsApp are required to send their names and the song request to Urban TV WhatsApp number. After they have received your request, they play the music and display your request on the screen. 

Urban TV official WhatsApp number is +27634377361. Send your request to the number and get your music played.

To request music follow;

1. Save the Urban TV request number on your phone.

2. Open the WhatsApp messenger and locate the official phone number.

3. Send them a direct message “DM” for instance “Hi, Urban TV, My name is Joseph Nkosi from Cape Town South Africa, please play me Kona by Sho Madjozi”.

4. After receiving your request, the song will be added to the playlist and then played.

5. Once the song is being played, your request, the WhatsApp message you sent, will appear onscreen.

6. The number could be used for other music request programs on the show.

Though the number is South African “+27”, the request is open to viewers from any country. Once the request show starts, Live would appear on the top right-hand side of the screen.


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