Shocking: Mihlali Ndamase supports older men dating teenagers

The popular South African Social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase has provoked many reactions. On her tweet on younger girls having a relationship with older men.

She deleted the tweet following the burning reactions from followers who criticized her post.

Mihlali tweets
Mihlali shares idea on older men dating teenagers

She was accused of supporting Statuary Rape in her recent comments in a series of tweets.

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At midday yesterday, she left a tweet on not seeing anything wrong and still see no wrong with a teenage under 18 girl dating older men of 20-30 years old.

She left another tweet she wrote, “Andiboninto ewrongo m’na”. The 24-year-old dropped the comment in reply of a tweep who asked, 

So babies tell me when you guys were in high school under 18 dating 20-30-year-olds do you look back and think that was messed up shit. Or whatever because it felt completely normal and you happened to enjoy an older man?


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