Lebo M fifth’s wedding called off after splitting with Mel

Lebo M popular South African playwright and music producer wedding did not get a “till death do us part ending after all”.

It seems that he and his fiancee Malefu “Mel” Ntsala are no longer going to say “I do”.

The couple has separated, Lebo M was supposed to take her to the alter this year following a report by Sunday World.

But now reverse is the case as they both seem to move on. Mel has confirmed to a publication that they are no more together. She said “so over it” and the wedding had been called off.

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“It’s been ­ five months already, what do you want to know? I’m so over it.

“We broke up in January, what is this now, it’s June? Yes, It’s six months.

“I don’t understand why you want to write about me in Lebo’s stories,” she told the publication.

Even in the wave of the rumors that Lebo M has moved on with his love life and is dating a renowned singer.

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Mel shared that they grew tired of each other which results in the end of the relationship.

“Relationships are relationships guys, they die, sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t.

“I mean really, there is really nothing I can say. He was a good person, he was a good partner, he was an amazing partner but we had to be where we are today and I’m so… I’m happy for him.

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“We were both tired of each other. You know relationships, we decided that you know what, this is not good for us. This not for us.”

She also told Sunday World that the wedding which would have held this year did not happen.

“The wedding was supposed to have happened this year but no, it didn’t happen.

I thought he is back with Angela, what happened?” Mel told Sunday World.


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