Love story: Bontle asked Priddy Ugly out after her boyfriend dumped her on birthday

Bontle Modiselle has made a shocking reveal after saying she asked the rapper Priddy Ugly out. She said that she asked him out after her then-boyfriend dumped her.

Bontle Modiselle and Priddy Ugly picture
Bontle Modiselle and her husband, Priddy Ugly on their new YouTube Channel

Bontle and Priddy are not married after dating for eleven years. The rapper’s wife, Bontle Modiselle make a shocking reveal that she made the move and asked him out.

She asked the Priddy out after the person she was dating at that time broke up with her on her birthday, what a bad birthday present that was.

Bontle shared the information during their first post after they opened a Joint YouTube channel.

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The couple also shared that they started their relationship as friends before Bontle took it to the next level by asking Priddy out in 2009.

The rapper shared that he first met his wife at a dance in a dance event.

The only girl I could look at was this girl who was surrounded by boys.

“I did not get a chance her name or her number on that day.” So he went to her friends to get the Mxit number.

They both started chatting and eventually became friends. Unknown to Priddy, Bontle and her friends had a crush on him.

I didn’t have the courage to ever approach him, I thought he was out of my league. I didn’t think he would like me.

I didn’t have the drip. I thought I was dry, I thought I was too tomboyish. I didn’t dress the part.

Priddy also shared his side and revealed that he was crazy about her that time but lacked the courage to ask her out.

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In 2009, their relationship had to step up as her boyfriend at that time dumped her on her birthday. Then she approached Priddy a few days later.

I asked him out on 25 October.” They dated for eleven years later and are now married.

The couple has been blessed with a girl child. She left a piece of advice to the ladies telling them to go get their man. is to

Ladies go get your man, don’t be scared, but not somebody else’s man I got to make that clear. It’s very important to spend your life with your best friend.

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