A beautiful lady without arms displays with flawless dance moves in a ceremony

A lady identified as Bambi has surprised Facebook users after displaying her dance moves.

The video of the dancer shared on Facebook left many netizens wowed as they watched her.

The lady is short in height and without arms has gone viral with the video hitting 8 million views on Facebook.

Many have praised her as she courageously danced and shaken her natural endowment.

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The gorgeous lady was captured on camera in what appeared to be a wedding ceremony.

She is watched by others in the background and they seem to enjoy her moves.

Do not mistake disability for inability as the lady without arms showed she could dance even without arms.

Armless woman dancing
Audience amazed by her danci

The lady was identified as Bambi and captured the mind of many viewers as they watched her shake what her mama gave her.

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Judging from the video shared by Chris Evans Kaweesi, the lady drew much attention on her after she danced to the music played in the background.

Armless woman dancing picture
Armless woman dancing dancing in a ceremony

The woman seemed to enjoy herself in what seems to be a wedding ceremony.

The armless lady with a perfect figure ‘figure 8’ drew the attention of many as she danced with high heeled shoes.

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She dressed in pink shoulder-off gown which is tight to cling to her body and hugged her curves in the right places.

The lady without arms used her natural endowment well as she danced.

The rest of the crowd watched her dance while most of them tried to capture her dancing with their phones.


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