Requirements Study Nursing South Africa

Requirements to Study Nursing in South Africa

In South Africa and the world, Nursing is a profession people hold in high esteem. To study nursing, there are several requirements to be met.

Nurses are important in the health care system of the country. They play a huge role in the healthcare sector. The idea of what is required to be a nurse is important to guide you through.

People who are interested in the welfare of their patients can choose this career option. 

How to become a nurse

Becoming a nurse in the country requires that you undergo these steps. You must enroll and obtain a qualification from a recognized or accredited institution.

The next step is very important, you will proceed to register with the SANC.

Whether you attend a private or public nursing institution in South Africa, you will hold the same degrees and diplomas (certification).

Based on our recommendation, we advise that you choose a school that is accredited.

Duration of Study

The years nursing students spend in higher institutions is dependent on their diploma or degrees. There are several programs students can complete to be a certified nurse.

Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing

Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing

This program lasts for a year, students would be trained on how to work with a registered nurse. After the one-year program is complete, you’ll be qualified to work under a certified and registered nurse.

Bachelor Degree

After obtaining a university degree in nursing, you will hold the qualifications as a midwife, general, or community. They can also work as psychiatry nurses.

After the program of study, the graduate will be exposed to practical and theoretical aspects. Many universities in South Africa are accredited institutions to study the course.


The three-year course of study will qualify the student to practice as a nurse. Many several universities in South Africa offer diplomas in nursing. The difference between this course of study and the latter (Bachelor’s) is the duration.

Postgraduate Advanced Diploma

Students who complete their diploma and degree may further for an advanced degree program.

After the scheduled course of study for a year, holders will be able to run a career in nursing management.

To qualify to run this diploma program, it is required that you hold a bachelor’s degree or diploma. To top your qualification, you need at least, experience of two years in nursing or as a midwife.

Subject Requirements

Subject Requirements

To study for a degree or diploma in nursing in the university, the student must meet these subject requirements.

  1. Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Life Science
  4. Life Orientation
  5. First/home language

An average score in each of the subjects outlined above would be an advantage.

Colleges that offer Nursing

In South Africa the SANC – South Africa Nursing Council handles the approval of the courses and academic institutions.

Therefore, any graduate of nursing from an unrecognized institution will not be registered.

For detailed information visit the SANC website. South African hospitals registered by the SANC includes Tygerberg Academic Hospital, Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre, Worcester Nursing School, Lilitha College of Nursing, and many others.

Nurses Salary in South Africa

Nurses Salary in South Africa

South African nurses receive a monthly salary of around R13,000 to R38,000. Though the hospital or place of work and qualifications are determinants of good pay.

Hospitals and health centers are not the only places that these organizations can work. Nurses can work at research labs, schools, and other health-related institutions.


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