How to find a reliable broker?


How to find a reliable broker?

When you are looking for a broker, it is important to find one that is reliable and suits your needs. In this article, we will look at how to find a reliable broker, and how to analyze them to ensure they are right for you. We will also discuss what a broker is and the types you can look out for. Read about globalgt when choosing regulated forex brokers in South Africa. 

So whether you are a beginner trader just starting, or you are looking for a new broker, read on for our tips.

What is a broker?

If you want to trade financial assets on a marketplace, then your orders must be executed by an appropriate brokerage firm. A broker works as the intermediary between investors and exchanges where they can execute buy or sell trades for clients. They also can provide research reports on investment plans as well as market intelligence to help their customers succeed in this tough economic time.

Forex broker types

There are 2 groups of Forex brokers – dealing desk brokers (DD) and non-dealing desk brokers (NDD). 

DD brokers are usually the ones who control prices in a market. They are also called market makers. This type of broker makes their money from spreads and other options, but you can trade as much or little that doesn’t affect this income. 

NDD brokers are the opposite of DD brokers. All they do is just link your trade with another side and get the profits exclusively from commissions. 

NDD brokers are divided into 2 groups – Straight through processing (STP) brokers and Electronic communication network (ECN). 

The trades are directed to a liquidity provider if you are working with STP brokers. And in the case of ECN brokers, members can work with each other’s orders. 

How to find a reliable broker?

Below are some tips you can take into account while choosing a reliable broker for you.

Check the regulation

It is important to know that the brokerage company is regulated so that you will know what to do and whom to contact if your trade dispute gets unresolved. Otherwise, you expose yourself to becoming a victim of scams and losing your investments. 

Try the demo account they offer 

Before making a final decision about the broker, you can always try its offers by opening a demo account. If your requests will be satisfied on a demo account – then you can start thinking about opening the main account. In addition, there are no deposit forex brokers that offer no deposit bonus forex 200$ 2022 for opening an account. 

Check broker reviews

There are enough sources on the Internet to find reviews about different brokerage companies. Use that information as a criterion for a reliable broker search. 

Monitor Forex forums

Consider visiting Forex forums to get input from people who are already trading. These communities have a wealth of information about all aspects and intricacies within the industry, including both successes as well as failures with various brokers, some good ones you might not know to exist.


The article introduced you to the main types of brokers and gave you some tips on what you should do to find a reliable one. 

 It is important to do your research and analyze different brokers before making a decision. By asking the right questions, you can find a reliable broker that meets your investment goals. Consider going through legacyfx review to find the right broker.


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