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Woman appreciates husband who accepted her with 4 kids, family disowned him

Woman appreciates husband

A woman has appreciated her husband for giving up everything to be with her. According to her, he chose her even though she already had given birth to four children. At first, his family disapproved of his act and disowned him in the process, but have since made peace and accepted his wife and children. […]

Updated: April 13, 2020 — 7:41 pm

List of WhatsApp TV in Nigeria (Join for Funny Updates)

WhatsApp TV 2020

WhatsApp TV is now a platform for quick updates on ongoing trends and happening. In Nigeria, Whatsapp TV is a medium where people join to get updates on different topics. Subscribers get daily, weekly, and monthly updates on the topic which they subscribe to. How do I start WhatsApp TV? Creating a WhatsApp TV is […]

Updated: April 19, 2020 — 5:57 pm

Best Motivational Speakers in South Africa 2020

Neal Petersen biography

People most time seek inspiration, mentorship, and motivation from people who have passed through certain levels in life. In the world today, there is a need for the experience to motivate the less-experienced. No one is an Island, we depend on other’s knowledge, past experiences, and wisdom to guide us navigate this life. Motivational speakers […]

Updated: March 10, 2020 — 9:13 pm

Old Age Homes in Pretoria near me – (Address & Location)

Old age home in Pretoria

Any individual who seeks for old age home nearby in Pretoria, South Africa can see a list of retirement homes. The home is for the senior and elderly citizens in Pretoria (Gauteng), South Africa. Old age home most times called retirement home or old people’s home. It could also be referred to as a nursing […]

Updated: March 9, 2020 — 3:41 pm

Police salary in South Africa 2020 (Officers, Captains & others)

Police salary in South Africa

The South African police earn a good salary and as we know we can not do without them. The day to day security they render directly and indirectly comes with high pay. Though most of the public scrutinize the police, almost no province in the country can last a day without them. Generally, there is […]

Updated: March 5, 2020 — 8:04 pm

How to Create a Clickbank Account in South Africa (Requirements & Setup)

Open a Clickbank account in South Africa

Creating a Click bank account has gone way easy than before. If you intend to open a Clickbank account in South Africa, you can do it on your phone all by yourself. In this post, the guidelines and step-by-step procedure to open a Clickbank account in South Africa are outlined. This article covers all you […]

Updated: March 7, 2020 — 1:13 pm

Updated! Load Shedding Schedules for December 2019

Load Shedding Schedules

When there is not enough supply capacity available to meet the demand of all customers. It could be necessary to interrupt the power supply at an interval to certain areas. However, if supply is interrupted without notice of load shedding, or not as per the load shedding schedule. It is more likely that the outage […]

Updated: December 26, 2019 — 9:50 am

SARS contact number, efilling, operating hours, requirements & documents

SARS contact

SARS which stands for the South African Revenue Service is the authority responsible for collecting the nation’s tax. SARS was established under the South African Revenue Service Act 34 of 1997 as an autonomous agency. It administers the South African tax system and customs service.  Outcomes The outcomes of the South African Revenue Service – […]

Updated: February 25, 2020 — 6:53 am