Woman appreciates husband who accepted her with 4 kids, family disowned him

A woman has appreciated her husband for giving up everything to be with her. According to her, he chose her even though she already had given birth to four children.

At first, his family disapproved of his act and disowned him in the process, but have since made peace and accepted his wife and children.

Woman appreciates husband
Woman honors husband who accepted her with 4 kids on Twitter.

The woman saluted her incredible husband on Social media. The twitter user, @soaedi_dinah, shared that she was already a mother with four children when she met her husband.

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Regardless of his family’s disapproval, he went ahead and accepted her and her children.

This resulted in his family disowning him, but this did not prevent him from marrying the woman he loves.

They now have six children altogether and the families have since made peace.

She went further to share that they have been together for eleven years now and have grown stronger.

On Social media, this triggered reactions and Thenation.co.za tried to gauge them.

Thanks for giving hope to all the ladies with babies out there. I love your story and wishing you all the best. Stay blessed.

@madaofthree tweeted

I don’t think it’s crazy he married u with 4 kids as he loved u. It’s those toxic parents who r a joke. Congratulations Angels.

@kuliroberts said

Black families love judging a woman for coming with kids into a relationship. They sometimes forget that you make their son happy. Your kids make their son happy. Your love story is beautiful.

@Sosie2 added

“His family had made the right decision this man was too desperate and his simpin is on a whole new level.”

@tendaim65 tweeted

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