Police salary in South Africa 2020 (Officers, Captains & others)

The South African police earn a good salary and as we know we can not do without them. The day to day security they render directly and indirectly comes with high pay.

Police force in South Africa
Alleged police brutality leads to the death of suspected drug dealer JHB – YouTube

Though most of the public scrutinize the police, almost no province in the country can last a day without them.

Generally, there is close to no country in the world without the police. Most times we feel safe once we hear the sound of the siren without confirming is it is of police or not.

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As the saying goes “Police is your friend“, we can not compare their importance in our society.

The South African Police Service

Police salary in South Africa
Lower Level Project SAPS (South African Police Force) Kimberley – YouTube

This is a national police force of the Republic of South Africa. South Africa has 1,138 police stations which are divided according to the provincial borders.

Each province handles the appointment of the Provincial Commissioner. The police headquarters is located in Pretoria, South Africa.

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The police in our country are among the notable members though they face many accusations of misconduct. 

They play a very important role in safeguarding and maintaining peace and security in society. 

They go to the extent of giving their lives, if need be, to ensure the society is not facing any internal treat.

Police Salary in South Africa

If you are ready to serve, here is a detailed summary of the South African police salary. An average policeman earns 203,000 ZAR every year. 

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The salary ranges from an average of R129,527 to R330,993 annually. 

Policemen with the rank of Police Captain earn an average annual salary of R299,013.

The Administrative Clerk receives the least payment of R140,983 every year.

The payment varies as a Captain can earn as high as R435,000. Also, administrative clerks can be paid as high as R252,000.

Notable positions like Forensic Analysts also earn high – R351,000. Sherriff’s Patrol Officers receive as high as R405,000 every year.


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