Orlando Pirates Players and their Cars Pics 2021

Football is a game with so many benefits, enriches the players, and at the same time pleases the supporters and fans. 

The Orlando Pirate football club in South Africa is not left out. The club players have shown off their luxury cars.

From their way of life, we could agree that the players’ salary is ‘handsome’ and their pockets are smiling.

Here is a list of Orlando Pirate football club players and their cars.

1. Justin Shonga

Justin Shonga car
Justin Shonga standing beside his car. Image: Instagram.

Shonga is a Zambian footballer who plays as a forward for Orlando Pirate F.C. The 24-year-old player owns a BMW 2 Series Coupé, a German car estimated to worth around R622 700.

2. Brilliant Khuzwayo

Brilliant Khuzwayo car
Brilliant Khuzwayo in crazy jeans sits beside his car. Image: Instagram.

Khuzwayo is a retired international footballer in South Africa and played as a goalie. He played for the Orlando pirates for a year (2018-2019). He rides a BMW M240i Convertible, estimated to cost around R935 100. 

3. Happy Jele

Happy Jele car
Happy Jele stands beside his comfortable Lexus car. Image: Instagram.

Happy is another Orlando Pirates player making it in the football business. He plays as a defender on his team in the Premier Soccer League and drives a Lexus car which and says is the most comfortable car he drives.

4. Siyabonga Mpontshane

Siyabonga Mpontshane car
Siyabonga Mpontshane car. Image: Instagram.

Mpontshane is a professional football player in South Africa and plays as the goalie on the Orlando Pirates Football Club. The 34-year-old player drives a Mercedes Benz A45 4matic.

5. Ben Motshwari

Ben Motshwari car
Picture of Ben Motshwari car. Image: Instagram.

Motshwari is another Orlando Pirates player that rides a car many seem to admire. The central midfielder drives a luxurious BMW car. The 29-year-old player is indeed making it in the football business.

6. Sipesihle Ndlovu

Sipesihle Ndlovu car
Sipesihle Ndlovu car.

Ndlovu is a South African professional footballer and plays the midfield position for Orlando Pirates F. C. The 24-year-old also plays on the South Africa national team and graduated from Maritzburg United and appeared professionally in 2016. 

Today he has made a name for himself in football and rides a Volkswagen Polo GT TSI with an estimated cost of around R284 200 – R 367 200.

7. Paseka Mako

Another Orlando Pirates F.C. player who drives a luxury car, Paseka Mako, a defender for his team and plays for the South African National team.

Mako has been playing for Orlando Pirates since 2018, the same year he began to play for his country’s team. He rides a Mercedes-Benz A-Class estimated to worth around R500 000.

Orlando Pirates Football Club has undoubtedly produced players making it on the soccer scene.


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