How to Create a Clickbank Account in South Africa (Requirements & Setup)

Creating a Click bank account has gone way easy than before. If you intend to open a Clickbank account in South Africa, you can do it on your phone all by yourself.

In this post, the guidelines and step-by-step procedure to open a Clickbank account in South Africa are outlined.

Open a Clickbank account in South Africa
Affiliate On Clickbank How To Get Your Money

This article covers all you need to create a Clickbank account and earn huge. 

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing strategy, creating and registering an account automatically makes you an affiliate marketer. 


  • Smartphone or a PC which would be used for the registration process. I recommend you register using a PC or a Windows tablet.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Epic Browser. This browser performs two basic functions including VPN and cookie blocker. With this app, other websites will be unable to track your location and your IP address.
  • Avoid using any other internet browsers rather than the Epic browser.
  • New Google mail (Gmail) account.
  • Payoneer Card.
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Open a Clickbank Account in South Africa

  • Create a new email account, don’t use any email you created earlier.
  • Open the Epic browser and allow it to load.
  • First-time users would see a red arrow on the top right-hand side of the browser. Click on the red arrow to reveal its options.
  • Upon clicking the red arrow, the epic encrypted proxy option will be visible.
  • From the options select the UK and wait for the arrow to turn green.
  • Open a new tab.
  • Visit to create a fake identity to fill in the required space.
  • Download the Android app, “TextPlus” from Google Play or any online app store. Use the app to generate a phone number.
  • Use the information on your Payoneer Card to complete the banking details.
  • Choose the UK as your bank location and input either “Barclays bank or Citibank” as your bank.
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Earn Money from Clickbank

After you have successfully created your Clickbank account, earning money becomes easy.

Little or no investment of finance is required, all you need is to comment on the blog. You can also invest money to earn from Clickbank, you can either choose the Facebook Ads or Google Traffic.

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The method shared in this article requires no investment whatsoever and they include commenting and Google Alerts.

Using Google Alerts, users receive alerts from Google after a popular blog writes on the products they sell. After a successful sale through commenting, Clickbank pays them a commission.

Google Alerts Setup

Create a Click bank affiliate link and shorten the URL. I recommend you use

Visit to proceed.

Use keywords related to the products you intend to sell to search for them.

Create Alert.

Receive a notification on the posts on your keywords and start posting comments on your products.



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  1. clickbank wont approved me ,keep on saying account disabled
    please help me

    My email :

  2. Hallo
    My name is Ronel
    Can anyone PLEASE assist me to open a Clickbank account in South Africa
    I have tried a few times but it keeps saying account is Disabled
    You can email me on

  3. This is the most arrogant disrespectfull Clickbank I have seen. After trying to open a Clickbank account three times and still failling I have send them an message. Or should I rather say I was suppose to be a live chat. I asked them why I cant sign up an affiliate account as an South African? Then A Kristen join the chat and I repeared the same question. Without getting an answer I was cut off as they ended the chat. I downloaded the chat and maybe I should post it on social media and we as South Africans should start boycotting USA products that has ties with Clickbank.

    1. Grant Glen Whitman

      Are there any repercussions if using fake details as per the fakenamegenerator as your personal payoneer account is still linked to the site? All good and well trying a workaround, but at what price if it may be shooting yourself in the foot long term. I also had them turn me down after sending them very hot mail. Unfortunately S.A. is not on their list of good standing countries. Guess it is just something we have to deal with.

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