List of WhatsApp TV in Nigeria (Join for Funny Updates)

WhatsApp TV is now a platform for quick updates on ongoing trends and happening. In Nigeria, Whatsapp TV is a medium where people join to get updates on different topics.

Subscribers get daily, weekly, and monthly updates on the topic which they subscribe to.

How do I start WhatsApp TV?

WhatsApp TV 2020
How to begin your WhatsApp Status TV

Creating a WhatsApp TV is easy, free and fast. Users of the Normal WhatsApp account or the business account can start one. To start WhatsApp TV you will need the following requirements.

  • A WhatsApp account
  • an attractive name
  • regular updates
  • choose a niche
  • publicity

How Whatsapp TV earn money?

Whatsapp TV makes money through advertisements and selling their products. Since they get many subscribers and viewers, they attract advertisers.

Also, those that belong to a niche can sell ebooks and other products. Some channels ask for subscription fee which could be monthly or one time.

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List of Whatsapp TV in Nigeria

Nigerians are very active on social media and are subscribed to many Whatsapp TVs. There are many reasons you want to join a channel.

Here are some Whatsapp TV in Nigeria.

  • The Nation TV (Best in Nigeria)
  • Ika TV
  • Emperor TV
  • Joshspot TV
  • Legit TV
  • Jiffyhub
  • Great TV

More TVs will be added once they are verified.

Reasons people subscribe to WhatsApp TV

As our faces are different, so are our reasons for joining various Whatsapp TVs in Nigeria. People subscribe to various channels on Whatsapp for the following reasons;

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1. Financial tip and update.

2. Hookup and find date.

3. Funny and hilarious update.

4. Learn a particular craft.

5. Online lectures and another educational update.

6. News and sports update.

7. Follow the trend.

8. Follow religious programs.

9. Short videos on daily shows.


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