Best/List of WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria (Join for funny updates)

WhatsApp TV is now a trending platform in Nigeria, this started after the status feature was introduced into the messenger.

People follow and subscribe to their favorite channel for updates daily.

The television admin may ask users to pay either a one-time subscription fee or a monthly fee, most times it is free.

How to Start WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

The Nation TV
A content on the best WhatsApp status television, The Nation TV.

To begin a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria is easy if you have a WhatsApp messenger on your device, you are good to go.

The following are requirements to begin a WhatsApp TV;

  • A Stable internet.
  • A smartphone.
  • A phone number.
  • WhatsApp messenger.
  • A niche.

How to get more viewers on WhatsApp TV

Most TV owners on the platform complain that they are not experiencing growth. Their followers (viewers) rather decrease than increase.

Growth is what everyone wishes for, and to achieve growth on the platform, you need to;

Upload engaging content: Contents that are engaging would allow viewers to contribute. Trust me, they will recommend it to a friend if they enjoy what you do.

Add Watermark on Contents: Viewers may repost funny pictures and videos even texts. Adding a watermark would allow people to know the source of the video and try to follow for similar updates.

Choose your niche wisely: The niche you belong to matters a lot.

List of WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

There are thousands of WhatsApp television in Nigeria, the following has been verified.

  1. The Nation TV (best in entertainment).
  2. LXGTV.
  3. The Jolly TV
  4. OCK TV.
  6. Emperor TV.
  7. Joshpot TV.
  8. Life Of A Baron.
  9. FUOYE Campus TV.
  10. Tobbie TV.

Best WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

The Nation TV update
A historical painting uploaded on The Nation status TV.

There are thousands of WhatsApp Televisions in the country that covers several niches. In the news & entertainment niche, the best WhatsApp TV in Nigeria is The Nation TV.

The TV provides viewers with content that keeps them engaged and entertained.

Followers are exposed to trending updates in the world of entertainment, funny videos and memes, and lots more.


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