Best Motivational Speakers in South Africa 2020

People most time seek inspiration, mentorship, and motivation from people who have passed through certain levels in life. In the world today, there is a need for the experience to motivate the less-experienced.

No one is an Island, we depend on other’s knowledge, past experiences, and wisdom to guide us navigate this life.

Motivational speakers in South Africa have different specialties and fields. Although, they focus on building life skills, personal branding or promotion, and hope.

Each speaker has an aspect that makes him or her unique and could be their experience in a field. It could also be their creative pattern of conveying a particular message.

The most important part of being a motivational speaker is being you. It doesn’t have to be Martin Luther King or the founding father, Nelson Mandela.

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Over the years, South Africa has successfully produced some best speakers on the continent.

Best Motivational Speakers in South Africa 2020

At the mention of Motivational speakers, first names that come to our minds are Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Here is a list of the best motivational speakers in South Africa. 

1. Neal Petersen

Neal Petersen biography
Neal Petersen an extreme adventurer, author, international motivational speaker.

Neal Petersen is an author, professional solo racing yachtsman, and global investor.

He has dropped two books including No Barriers in 1994 and Journey of a Hope Merchant: From Apartheid to the Elite World of Solo Yacht Racing in 2004.

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He has brought honor to the TEDx Talk stage before sharing his inspiring story.

2. Femi Adebanji

Femi is among the best black motivational speakers South Africa has produced.

He is a director at Mind-Advance Institute. He holds a Master’s degree in Financial Economics.

He is also a holder of an Honors degree in economics and works with individuals and companies as a performance consultant. 

With his position, he has helped clients achieve their aims.

3. Miles Kubheka

He is a chef, entrepreneur, public speaker, and author. Miles has written books including From a Big Big Dreamer to Living the Dream.

He also founded and owns the Vuyo’s brand. He is an IT graduate and advice entrepreneurs.

4. Christopher Bertish

Chris is a surfer, paddleboarder, adventurer, paddleboarder and motivational speaker. He holds the record as the first person to cross the Atlantic in a stand-up paddle.

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As an author, he wrote the book Stoked and in 2010, he won the Mavericks Big Wave Invitational. 

Chris has notable events where he speaks on topics like planning, fear management, innovation, etc.

5. Zipho Sikhakhane

Zipho is the C.E.O and the founder of Advisory Group. She is also a business strategist and public speaker. 

She holds the record as the first black South African to complete an MBA at Stanford University.

Zipho also received the 2016 UNESCO Outstanding Young Achiever Award.

She gives speeches on leadership, changes management, and the potential of Africa. Zipho has also had talks on the TEDx Talk stage.


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