Zoe Mthiyane (born November 10, 1980) is a 41-year-old South African actress. She is best known for her role in the soap opera Generations. Playing Zitha rose her to prominence and grew her fanbase.

The actress had low self-esteem issues. Her mother noticed her issues and helped her overcome them.

Zoe Mthiyane
Zoe Mthiyane biography
Zoe Mthiyane had tried modeling, but acting thrust her into the spotlight.
Full Name:Zoe Mthiyane
Born:November 10, 1980 (age 41 years)
Place of Birth:Mabhuyeni, Empangeni
Nationality:South African
Parents:Elias Mthiyane, Clara Nthalane
Education:Little Flower Primary
Partner:Rapulana Seiphemo (ex.)
Baby Daddy:Lebo M.
Occupation:Actress, model
Net Worth:R5 million
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Early Life

Zoe Mthiyane was born in Mabhuyeni, Empangeni, into a polygamous family. Her father, Elias Mthiyane, had five wives, her mother, Clara Nthalane, was the youngest.

Mthiyane has five siblings – two four brothers and a sister. She battled with low self-esteem while in school. Many would bully her for being tall, but her mother helped her regain her confidence.

Only their house had electricity in their area – Mabhuyeni, Empangeni – as she grew. She attended a boarding school, where her parents registered her at a young age. 

The celebrated actress cultivated a habit of reading in school. In 2011, her mother died. Zoe’s older brother is 24 years older than her.


When she was five, her parents registered her in a boarding school. She attended the Little Flower Primary. The actress lived in a boarding house for her primary and secondary education.


Zoe Mthiyane age
Zoe has over fourteen years of experience.

The television personality has appeared in many TV shows but is prominent in the soap opera Generations. She played Zitha and viewers fell in love with her character.

Aside from Zitha, she has played many roles in other television productions and movies.

In 2016, she appeared in the blockbuster – The Legend of Tarzan. In 2017, the actress played Katherine in the movie – She is King.


Zoe appeared on the television series Generation: The Legacy as Zitha Langa. She had been on the show for a while, and her character captured the viewer’s hearts.

The actress has been reportedly fired from the SABC1 soap opera with immediate effect. Lately, she got depressed after breaking up with her colleague and lover, Rapulana Seiphomo.

Personal Life


Zoe Mthiyane grew up in a polygamous family but rather be in a nuclear family. She is not a fan of being among someone’s wives and made it clear that she wouldn’t be the second or third wife.

The actress says she is a jealous person and would love exclusivity. She revealed in an interview that her father wouldn’t want any of her siblings to start or join a polygamous family.


Zoe Mthiyane has not told The Saga who she is dating. She had dated a famous South African actor Rapulana Seiphemo. She fell deeply in love with him, but their relationship didn’t get a till death do us part.

After their split, Zoe became depressed and blamed it on her ex-boyfriend Seiphemo. She also claimed that Rapulana was seeing another actress while he was dating her.

Dismissing her from the TV series Generations: The Legacy also caused her depression. Earlier, she had engaged to Lebo M., but their relationship crashed.


Zoe Mthiyane is a mother, although she had not walked through the aisle. She had two children from her past relationships. Her first child is Awande Marawa.

While dating Lebo M, she welcomed another bundle of joy – Lulonke. According to her, co-parenting has not been an easy process for her. However, she is getting better as a single parent.


Many sources reported Zoe to have drinking problems, which had affected her love life and work. She blamed her co-star boyfriend for her incontrollable drinking problems. 

It became a huge problem for her and her work. She would forget her lines and sometimes won’t show up for work.

Some sources reported that her drinking habit stalled the production of Generation.


As a young child, she considered herself ugly and hated her height. She was tall and bullied for her it. Ironically, she has the stature and figures many ladies wish they had. Perhaps, she knows now.

Net Worth

Zoe Mthiyane has been in showbiz for almost a decade and has made visible contributions. She has appeared in movies and shows and has a net worth of R5 million as of September 2022.