Wendy Maartens biography


Wendy Maartens is a South African author and speaker. She is also a custodian of the country’s folklore, rhymes, legends, and true stories.

As a writer, Wendy has seventy titles to her name. Some of her books include Chris and the Christmas Angel (2018), Bible Stories for Children (2015), and Sea Stories (2016).

Her immediate environment, the rich Table Bay, the West Coat, and the Overberg Area have been her sources of inspiration.

Wendy Maartens
Wendy Maartens biography
Wendy Maartens is an author and speaker.
Quick Facts
Name:Wendy Maartens
Nationality:South Africa
Education:Remedial teaching
Alma mater:Oudtshoorn Teacher’s Training College
Occupation:Author, speaker
Years Active:2006-date


Wendy attended Oudtshoorn Teacher’s Training College, where she specialized in remedial teaching.


Maartens taught in primary school, grade three, for twenty-two years. In 2006, she quit her job as a teacher to focus on writing. 

Wendy wrote her first Children’s book, Lena’s Bottle Tree, which was on the Exclusive Books Publisher’s Choice List. It received an honorary mention at the Noma Awards for Publishing in Africa. The book was also an ATKV Veertjie finalist.

Wendy has also written spiritual books. As an experienced teacher, she creates appropriate learning materials.

Wendy has published seventy books, her work has been translated into five indigenous languages. For three years she was also a judge of Media 24’s M.E.R. Prize for Youth Literature. 

Maartens was the book editor of the magazine Lééf. She also writes a column for Lééf. She was a nominee for an ATKV Veertjie.

Her works appear in primary school and secondary school textbooks. Some of her words are read on Radio Sonder Grense.

Wendy has also written spiritual books. As an experienced teacher, she creates appropriate learning materials.


  • Sea Stories
  • Devotions for Little Hearts
  • Chris and the Christmas Angel
  • Halala Job Maseko!
  • Wendy Maartens, 2020
  • Bible Stories for Children
  • Angels of the Bible
  • Elephant’s Big Secret and 19 Other Fantastic Fables
  • Torchbearers 3: Esther, Vanessa, Elsje
  • Torchbearers 4: Zolani, Maggie, Suna
  • Torchbearers 2: Caster, Zulaikha, Saray
  • Torchbearers 1: Ingrid, Thuli, Grizelda
  • Angels of the Bible
  • Animals of the Bible
  • Children of the Bible

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