Phumeza Mdabe (born March 15, 1987) is a star actress, singer, television producer, and model. Many viewers of the drama series Sokhulu & Partners know her for playing Phumi. 

Her character in the SABC1 drama series is a beautiful front-of-house manager.

The television personality gained more prominence for presenting Our Perfect Wedding. 

She married Mnqobi ‘Shota’ Mdabe, a producer, musician, and songwriter, and they have four kids together.

Phumeza Mdabe
Phumeza Mdabe biography
Phumeza Mdabe is an actress, TV producer, model and singer.
Full Name:Phumeza Mdabe (née Dlwati)
Born:March 15, 1987 (age 36 years old)
Place of Birth:Johannesburg, Gauteng
Nationality:South African
Spouse:Mnqobi ‘Shota’ Mdabe
Occupation:Actress, TV producer, model, singer
Known for:Sokhulu & Partners
Net Worth:R8 million

Early Life

Phumeza Mdabe

Phumeza Mdabe was born on March 15, 1987, in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, to a German father and a South African mother.

Her biological father denied her from birth, leaving her under the care of her mother and her stepfather. She grew up with her sibling. Her mother was a domestic worker.


Phumeza has made many television appearances as an actress and TV host. Though she is best known for her role in Sokhulu & Partners, she has appeared in A Place Called Home, Intersexions, and more.

On the television show, Our Perfect Wedding was the host, taking over from Brenda Ngxoli. In 2013, she became a co-host of the game show Cula Sibone.

Aside from acting and television presenting, Phumeza is a singer. Her beautiful voice has made many listen to her songs over and over. A music label owned by her husband, Shota Music label, signed her.

Personal Life


Phumeza Mdabe husband

Phumeza Mdabe is a proud mother and wife. She and her husband, Mnqobi ‘Shota’ Mdabe, had four children. 

Her teenage daughter Khumo launched a YouTube Channel in 2021. She discusses self-development and self-love.

Bind Son

Phumeza Mdabe son

Her last son Mpilo is blind. He suffered cancer which led to him losing his sight. The couple revealed in an interview that he was born two weeks earlier than his due date.

They had him after Shota had paid lobola. When he was two years old, a hospital diagnosed Mpilo with cancer of the eyes. They observed changes in his eyes – they became squint, and his irises were pitch.

At first, she thought it was normal and could be like her biological father’s.

The optometrist diagnosed the young boy with bilateral retinoblastoma. To combat cancer, the child underwent surgery while his eyes got removed.

Phumeza and Shota have been super-supportive throughout the journey. Now he can do some things on his own. He can even ride a bicycle around the compound. 


Phumeza Mdabe is half-cast, and her parents are of different ethnicity. Her biological father is German, while her mother is South African.

Sadly, her father denied her from birth and he has never shown up in her life. Her mother married again and raised Phumeza and her children. In 2002, her mother died at the time she was in Grade 10.


Star actress Phumeza Mdabe is South African by birth and German by descent. Her mother is from South Africa, while her father is from Germany. He denied her and left since.

Social Profile

Unlike many celebrities, Phumeza has motivated many through her quotes and personal life. She also runs paid promotions on her Instagram account.

Net Worth

Phumeza Mdabe has been in the media industry for a long time and has appeared in many productions. Her main stream of income is acting and presenting. She has a net worth of R8 million as of September 2022.