Nathi Ngcobo is the first-born son of the award-winning maskanda music legend. He chooses to carve out his path instead of being in the shadows of the family’s legacy built by his parents.

The 40-year-old tries to run his family his way. His parents raised him and his siblings to have equal respect for everyone.

His father, Bheki Ngcobo, is an award-winning maskanda music legend, while his mother, Linah Ebony Ngcobo, is also a musician.

Nathi and his siblings got exposed to the entertainment industry at a young age, so teaching them respect was crucial. His parents would remind them that they were not celebrities.

His sisters are also in the entertainment industry. His immediate younger sister Ntombee Mzolo is an actress and television host. In the Ngcobo family, she is the mediator.

Jabu Ngcobo is his younger brother and father. The last-born child of the family is Vusiwe.

Nathi Ngcobo married his longtime sweetheart Sandra Talinha in November 2018. Loved ones, family, and friends were present to witness their wedding ceremony. He is officially off the market.

He is a brother from the Amaponi group. He and his siblings formed a group that lit up the music scene in the 90s.