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Lance Stehr (born c. 1961) is a prominent South African hip-hop music producer. The 61-year-old has helped many top artists attain great music heights.

His simple lifestyle has further drawn people’s attention to him. Many music lovers know him as the maker of musical talent.

Lance Stehr
Lance Stehr biography
Ghetto Ruff boss Lance Stehr
Quick Facts
Full Name:Lance Stehr
Born:1961 (age 61 years old)
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Music producer
Years Active:1988-date
Net Worth:R18 million

Early Life

Lance Stehr was born in 1961. He fell in love with music, and it has been part of him since 1988.


The music producer owns the company Muthaland Entertainment, formerly Ghetto Ruff. The company has been functioning for decades and has nurtured many prominent artists.

Stehr launched the Cape Town group Prophets of Da City. Subsequently, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Tuks Senganga, and Morafe followed.

Music started as something he loved at home. In 1989, it became something he was passionate about after managing Prophets of Da City.

The band began to voice against bad treatment and happenings during the apartheid. They made political statements airing their tiredness of the situation in the country.

As a band, they toured the world to tell their story with what they know to do best – Music.

The first members of the group Prophets of Da City were Ishmael Morabe, DJ Ready D, Mark Heuvel, and Shaheen Ariefdien.

They dropped their debut album titled Our World in 1990. Their music success attracted more band members.

The band grew to nine musicians, who followed him to London the following year.

They performed in Europe and the United States and shared the stage with James Brown, the Fugees, Ice T, and Ice Cube. They faced financial challenges and had to sleep on couches and even shared a room.

In 1994, the band returned to South Africa but lacked a big song to sustain them. After Ish discovered two friends, he taught something different and discovered Skeem.

Stehr guided Skeem until the release of the hit song Waar Was Jy. The song took the country by storm. Their hobo-chic attire made the youth love them even more.

Their circle continued to grow as more hitmakers joined. Stehr found O’da Meesta, a four-girl band Ghetto Luv, and Pietermaritzburg R&B and pop boy band, Shana.

Lance supervised the music for the television drama YizoYizo 2 in 2001. He found the actor turned kwaito sensation Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka Zola 7.

Stehr and Bonginkosi parted ways after a contractual dispute in 2007. He has used the same recording studio for over thirty-one years.

Music Journey

Lance Stehr has spent over thirty-one years in the entertainment industry. He has worked in the music industry and the television industry.

His musical journey began in 1988 after the formation of the group Prophets of Da City. 

The group was a politically conscious hip-hop group that aired the ill-happenings of the government through music but got banned by the Apartheid Government. He worked recorded and dropped seven albums with the group until 1996.

Throughout his musical journey, he has worked with many top artists like:

  • Skeem
  • O’dameesta
  • Pitch Black Afro
  • Brickz
  • DJ Cleo
  • Tuks
  • Morafe
  • Zola
  • Mapaputsi
  • Revolution
  • Brown Dash
  • Ashaan
  • Rrasse Vannie Kaap
  • DJ Ready D
  • Bravo
  • Slice
  • Ghetto Luv
  • Unathi
  • RJ Benjamin
  • Jozi
  • DA Lies
  • Ishmael
  • Ruff X

Personal Life

Lance Stehr lives a simple life and could be mistaken for an average person in his dress. 

However, he is not after what to wear but talents to grow. He is widely known as the maker of musical talent. He married his business partner Delphine.

Sadly in 2015, he lost his son in a motorbike accident. After a few months, the hip-hop producer suffered a heart attack.

Social Profiles

Lance Stehr LinkedIn

Lance Stehr is on LinkedIn and posts his educational and professional highlights.

Net Worth

Lance Stehr has been producing music for over thirty-one years and has worked with many prominent artists. He has a net worth of R18 million as of September 2022.