Glenda Kemp is a 73-year-old South African activist, stripper, and teacher. She was born on May 13, 1949, and is a well-known stripper. During the seventies, she started stripping with her pet python Oupa.

Name:Glenda Kemp
Born:May 13, 1949 (age 73 years old)
Place of Birth:Cape Town
Nationality:South African
Education:Goudstad Teachers’ Training College
Spouse:Karl Koczwara (m.1982 – div. 1991)
Occupation:Activist, stripper, and teacher
Years active:1970s-

Early life

Glenda Kemp was born on May 13, 1949, in Cape Town province of South Africa. She grew up in La Rochelle with her stepfather, brother, and mother.

Kemp had two older siblings who were in a Potchefstroom-based orphanage. Later, Glenda joined the orphanage.

Tannie and Oom Baumbach adopted her into their home. They were Christians and lived in a small town in Swartruggens.


Kemp is a qualified teacher. She studied at Teachers’ Training College in Potchefstroom.

At college, she fell in love with dancing and knew how good she was. Her dancing skill was superb, and many loved it.

Eventually, Kemp transferred to the Johannesburg-based Goudstad Teachers’ Training College. There she continued to dance and perform in Go-go dancing clubs.


Glenda became a professional stripper with her pet python Oupa in the seventies. 

Her actions became scandalous and provoked many like Vice Squad. The moral unit did all within its ability to stop her but failed.

The famous newspaper Rapport mentioned her as the Newsmaker of the Year. The police had arrested the stripper and charged her with public indecency.

Even with all the challenges from these bodies, even Christian wives, she had fans who cheered her. She also had the support of the liberals and refused to give up. Her actions continued to provoke the general public. 

Kemp told her story in the movie Snake Dancer, produced by Dirk De Villiers.

Later, the dancer decided to quit dancing to become a teacher. Since many knew her for her notoriety, Kemp faced multiple rejections during her interviews.

Glenda flew from South Africa to London to continue dancing. There, she worked for a publisher Paul Raymond in Raymond Revuebar and at the Windmill Theatre.

At Epworth Children’s Home, Glenda Kemp was a relief house mother.

Personal Life

Glenda returned to South Africa to start a family with her husband, Karl Koczwara. After she finished her teacher training, she finally got taken as a teacher.

Kemp returned to Christianity, which she had practiced as a teenager.

The dancer turned teacher started a lay ministry to children and the vulnerable people of society. After retiring, she moved to Durban, South Africa.


Glemp married her husband Karl Koczwara in 1982. After nine years of marriage, the couple ended the union. Her ex-husband was beaten to death with a hammer in his Johannesburg home. 

Kemp revealed in an interview that Karl Koczwara was murdered on Friday, June 28, 2019, after returning to his home in Sydenham from the gym.

Koczwara was reportedly beaten to death in his home in Sydenham, Johannesburg, and found on Sunday, June 30, after calls to him went unanswered.

Kemp and her husband first met at the President Hotel in Johannesburg. She was twenty-two and in her fourth year at the Goudstad Teachers’ Training College. He was her first love.